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    Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    I have Compaq Laptop and I have installed Windows 8 Customer Preview recently. I have a dual boot in which one is Windows 7 which is in C drive and that is the primary boot too. The other one is windows 8 which I installed on D drive. I found everything worked fine. By yesterday morning when I started to use the Laptop, it showed me windows ran into Scanning and Repairing D: drive. So I came to know that the problem is with Windows 8 which I installed. This process took about half an hour which lead me into tension. I want to know the problem behind this and the solution for it too.

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    Re: Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    It shows that you have the disk errors on your Windows 8 drive. There might be something wrong with it in the Hard drive. Go to Computer, right click on the D drive, Properties, select the Tools tab, and click on Check and Scan Drive. There might not be anything wrong with it now since it has been solved at the time of boot that you met. Laptop hard drives are scary time bombs, since you move the laptop while its moving, it can get a bit damaged, not a lot to make a difference, but over time that adds up and causes issues. So keep it safely to avoid such kind of errors.
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    Re: Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    hi my dear friend............there may be a ....unconditional error in the D drive

    to resolve this issue ....by do the given steps

    first click on the start menu and open the my computer

    then choose the that is D drive

    after that press the alt+ENTER combination from the keyboard

    then there is a window will be opened in that window choose the TOOLS tab

    after that click on the check option ...from the Error checking category

    then the process will begins.......if there is any problem in the Driver .....and the problem will be resolved by this option

    NOTE: this option will fix the drive only......if there any problem in the D drive OS ( that is windows 8 in your pc ) then you need to go for the other

    to fix the OS......error login with safe mode and .....find the problem and fix it

    if you are unable to fix. .....the problem then restore the PC and ....and solve............................THANK YOU

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    Re: Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    Hi,The fact that a disk checkup has started shows that the System found some kind of error after POST check when it tested c: drive for booting and later d: for extended parameters.It was a blessing as the system took charge of the problem and protected from major disturbance that might occur in your system which might have creepled it.Never stop any scanning in between and dont be afraid of it as be sure no scanning will be performed unless something has gone wrong, and possible calamity was averted by the syetem generated scanning.Infact, everyone should scan the system often to check and maintain the healthe of the media, and file system.Thanks.

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    Re: Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    Dear friend...

    For Scanning D drive follow my steps..

    Install Good Antivirus ..

    Right click on D drive and Click on Antivirus option...

    Now it will Scan..

    If you get Detections Delete it..

    For repairing.. Means if you want to edit That drive or If it is Os drive then Repair your Os..

    For Shrink(edit) that volume follow my steps..

    Right click on My computer..

    Click on manage..

    Then Right click on D drive and click shrink volume..

    Now edit your drive..

    For Repairing OS..

    Put DVD into DVD drive and Restart it..

    Press F8 .. Now it is showing some options..

    Then click on Repair button..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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    Re: Scanning and Repairing D drive in Windows 8

    If you have problem in the D drive and want to improve the performance ,then you should check and scan the that D drive.

    Fix the problem and scan the D drive

    --> Go to "start" and then select "My computer"
    --> now select "D drive" and right click on that
    --> select "tools" menu and then "Error checking".now click on "check now"
    --> now select "automatically file system errors"
    now it will check the disk and scan the error and try to recover the problem.now click on "start".

    you also can download and install the antivirus software in your pc and you can scan and detect the virus infected files and you can also delete the virus.
    By scanning your PC , you can improve the performance of your computer.
    you can also block the virus infected site and can block to enter the virus in your pc.

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