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    Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    I turned ON the Windows 7 Professional System. I see that the Screen is not bright. It is not clear and cannot be be seen what actually is on it. There is no problem with the power supply. It is new system with all components. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    Hello friend...

    First of all check your screen brightness controls

    To do this click on start button and click on control panel and open up the power properties...

    There you can see the brightness controls.... Try these controls and try to get solved your problem...

    This isnt work for you then the battery might be the problem as you said that your system is the new one...

    Hope this may be help you...

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    Hi dear friend.........

    To change the brightness of your PC's screen ....go to the onscreen menu of your monitor

    and select the picture option .....

    now select the brightness and adjust the settings

    IN CASE OF laptop displays don't have the brightness and contrast button on the front

    However you can set the brightness by holding the function key(fn) and then pressing () key to increase the brightness of screen

    THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    Which system you are actually using? A desktop or a laptop ?

    There are different controllers in desktop and laptop computers which you should learn to handle.

    If it is a desktop, there should be monitor mounted controller switches, which controles BRIGHTNESS,CONTRUST,SHARPNESS and many more features,
    simultaniously, windows desktop has options called GRAPHIC PROPERTIES, which can be found at the extreme right corner of the TASKBAR, click that to open the properties and adjust features which could solve the visual discomort.
    In case of Laptop, brightness can be controlled by special key marked with sun symbol, but other features can be controlled by the same GRAPHIC PROPERTIES from the TASKBAR.

    If this process fails check the driver installed in windows for display, update it. Even you may have to remount the graphics card in your system.

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    Re: Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    Don't worry you have to change the brightness setting of your laptop .

    I will tell you step by step procedure for changing the brightness of laptop screen just follow it .

    1) Go to control panel

    2) Select the power option

    3) After selecting that on the below you will see the " screen brightness " option .

    4) Select the appropriate brightness .

    5) Your brightness will be changed now successfully .

    If continue you facing brightness problem now on wards then may be you have to change the battery setting or call to customer care .

    Thank you...

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Screen is not so bright in Windows 7 Professional System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.....................

    1.Firstly try to make a right click on the desktop.

    2.Then you click on the option 'Graphic Option'.

    3.Then you go to the 'Color Correction' tab.

    4.There you change the brightness as you want.

    5.At last you click on the option 'Apply' or you can change it by click the options which are below your monitor screen.

    Have a nice day.................

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