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    SD card not showing up on windows powered Nokia phone

    There are some important data stored on the SD card used with my windows powered Nokia phone. But as of now the SD card is not showing up on my phone. What has to be done for fixing this problem?

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    Re: SD card not showing up on windows powered Nokia phone


    This is usual problem and a simple cleaning of the related components can resolve the issue, most of the time.
    The phone autodetect these devices. Anyway,

    Switch off the phone, remove the back lid, remove the battery, remove the SD Card,

    Take a small clean cloth, wipe the contacting goldfinger of the SD Card, blow air into the SD Card slot and clean as much as possible.

    Re insert card, battery, place the lid, turn on the power. Possibly the problem will be solved.

    If not try the card in another phone and see the result, and get the logical conclusion.


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    Re: SD card not showing up on windows powered Nokia phone

    Hello !!

    it seems that the SD card which was in the previous phone has been password protected an as a result it is being not shown in the new phone as it has happened with me one time also.
    so,just try to put it in the phone in which it was and than look for the Password, and remove the password.

    or it might happen that your windows phone have some settings that is not allowing the external device to get connected.
    so please do ensure your phone settings also.
    if your SD card is inserted in your phone than don't forget to mount it.

    so,follow these precaution and your card will be mounted.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting.

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