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    Security update has failed to install with an Error code 643

    I got the message from system that you have security update KB2721691 but when tried to install it on my windows 7 then getting code 643. I am not able to install the security update. What to do to resolve the issue? Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: Security update has failed to install with an Error code 643


    The Windows update error code 643 that you are receiving while installing the update ,could be resolved possibly by the following methods :

    1. fix the corruption issues in MSI software update registration .
    You need to first confirm whether the product is advarsely affected or not.
    2. Next you need to re-create "software update cache registry" details and delete the remaining software update references.

    3. If the problem persists, you need to repair the .NET Framework using the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool.

    4. Try to deactivate the antivirus software installed in your system before installing the update which might help.


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