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    Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?

    Recently i have installed Windows 8 Preview Version in my Laptop. Internet Explorer 10 is pre-installed in my Windows 8 system. I have installed Google Chrome in my system. But, I would like to set IE10 as my Default Browser. I donít know the procedure to set it. Can somebody help me to do it?

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    Re: Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?

    Yes, it is possible for you to Set Internet Explorer 10 as your Default browser in your Windows 8 system. Just follow the steps below to do it.
    1. In the Start Screen, Just Click SEARCH Tab in the Upper-right Corner of the Screen.
    2. Just enter Default Programs in the SEARCH tab.
    3. You will find Default Programs in your Search results.
    4. Then, Click Set your Default Programs.
    5. Choose Internet Explorer 10 from the list of Browsers.
    6. Just go and Select Set this programs as default and then Press OK.
    So, now your Default Browser is Internet Explorer 10. Now, if you want to Change some other Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, you can just Follow the same steps to Change it.
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    Re: Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?


    Through this way, you can set your Internet Explorer 10 as Default browser in Windows 8...

    Step 1:
    Launch the start screen and search for internet options. Click on the icon Internet Options under Settings section to launch Internet Explorer properties windows.

    Step 2: In the properties window navigate to the Programs tab and select Always in Internet Explorer on the Desktop from the dropdown menu under the Opening Internet Explorer section and save the settings.

    Itís not a hard and fast rule that you have to select the desktop version.
    If you think that the Metro UI interface suits you better you may continue with it as the default version of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

    Thanks and have a great time ahead.
    Regards libin

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    Re: Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?

    1. Click the Start button and type the internet explore in search.
    2. Show the result then click the Internet option and go to right side then click the " "setting" .
    3. then go to Internet Properties and Open the internet Properties then click the Program tab.
    4. Choose Internet Explorer as the default from the list.
    5. Select Set this program as default, and then click OK.
    6. Close Set Default Programs.

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    Re: Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?

    dear friend,

    Follow these steps to set Internet Explorer 10 as the Default Browser in windows 8-

    • Go to the Control panel from the Start screen.
    • Switch to the category view.
    • Click on the Network & internet option.
    • Select the Internet option.
    • Internet properties window will open.
    • Click on the Programs tab.
    • Now make internet explorer as your default browser from the list & click on OK to save changes.
    Hope this will help you to make internet explorer as your default browser.

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    Re: Setting Internet Explorer 10 as my Default Browser in Windows 8?

    hi dear friend...........follow these steps to set the IE as your default browser

    first press the windows key + I and choose the control panel from the side bar

    then open the network and internet option

    then choose the internet options


    directly press windows key + r and type in that inetcpl.cpl and press ENTER

    then there is a window will be displayed .....in that choose the programs TAB

    then click on the set programs

    then a window will be displayed in that click on the set your default programs

    then there you choose the internet explorer from the suggested list from the left pane

    then click on the set this program as default option then click ok..................................ALL THE BEST

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