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    Setting up time based parental controls on Windows 7

    The internet usage for this month is high as my kids are using it unnecessarily. I am planning to set up parental controls on my PC running on Windows 7 for preventing them from logging in for few hours. How can I do this?

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    Re: Setting up time based parental controls on Windows 7

    Click on the ‘Start’ button located at the bottom part of the screen to open up the start menu. Navigate through the menu and make a single click on the user icon. You can then find ‘Manage another account’ option under ‘Make changes to your user account’ label. Select that option and click on ‘Set up Parental Controls’ option under ‘Additional things you can do’ label. Choose the account given under ‘Users’ for which you want to set the parental controls. Enable the parental controls by clicking on the radio button next to ‘On’ label. Go to the right side of the screen and click the ‘Off’ button under ‘Time Limits’ label for changing to ‘On’ mode. After that, you can view a chart on the screen from which select the hours of restriction. You can select the hours individually by clicking on the column or select long hours by clicking and dragging over the columns. Once you finish the selection, press the ‘OK’ button to enforce the restriction.

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