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    Setting up wireless connection in windows 7 powered HP laptop?

    I have a HP Laptop which is powered by windows 7. I will use that most of the time while I was in college.My college infrastructure have Wi-Fi connection. My problem is, the Laptop is not detecting the Wi-Fi so that I was unable to use Internet.MOst of my faculties use to give online assignments so I want to make use of my college wi-Fi connectivity.This will help me in gaining marks. Please help me out by giving ways to set the wireless connection for the HP laptop.

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    Re: Setting up wireless connection in windows 7 powered HP laptop?

    You should whether the wireless switch off is turned on or not. If so then make it to on.Make sure that you are not far away from the Wi-Fi point. Check the college Wi-Fi is turned On or not.If the access point is too busy then you won’t get the access on it. The access point do not have any network name so you won’t get any name to connect.So take these steps to connect manually with the network,Go to Start->Control panel. In the search box,type wireless then click Manage wireless Networks. Then click add and select Manually create a network profile.Type the Service Set Identifier(SSID) of the network and click next. Select ‘Connect even if the network is not broadcasting’ check box.Finally click next then close.
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    Re: Setting up wireless connection in windows 7 powered HP laptop?

    First of all check whether your laptop's wi-fi is switched on.
    Then you should in range of router installed in your campus of your college.
    If your laptop detects the network then connect to it.
    If it has password then you can ask your seniors or the faculty of your college about it.
    It may be possible that it has some proxy settings, so you can ask that too.
    Then enter the proxy and the password and enjoy the internet..

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