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    Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    I need to set windows screen saver password in my Panasonic notebook. How to set it up?

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    Rozalyn Array
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    Re: Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    See I am not mentioning this solution because your notebook is from Panasonic. But the truth is that whether your notebook is from any company Panasonic or DELL or Lenovo, the screen saver password setting remains similar from all your environments. Although you did not mention anything about the Windows version, I assume that your version is Windows XP. Now if you follow the below steps then you will be able to set the password for your screen saver. Just one thing you must remember here is that, since at the time of your log in you are specifying a password, you do not need to give any more passwords to the computer screen saver. It by default takes up that very password for the screen saver as well:

    Go to Control Panel from your Start Button.
    B. Click on Appearence and Themes.
    C. You will get an option called Display, click on that.
    D. You will get the panel for screen savers and wallpapers. Click on Screen saver Tab.
    E. Choose a Screen Saver and then tick on the box for password protected.
    F. ​Click on Apply.

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    Re: Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    right click on blank desktop area and on properties of screensaver you will have to select your required screensaver and after selecting the setting tab will have to selected and on that you can change the password

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    Re: Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    dear friend,

    I want to inform you that you can set screensaver password.

    But this password is not different-it is same as the logon password.

    Follow these steps to enable it-

    Go to control panel.

    Open display & select the Screen Saver tab.

    Now select a screensaver & check the box beside "On resume, password protect" option.

    Click on OK.

    Now you've successfully done it.

    Note that, each time your computer will lock itself when the screensaver appears.
    You've to provide your logon password to open it up.

    Hope these info will help you a lot.

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    Re: Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    To Set a windows screen saver password please follows the steps below:-

    1. Right click on your desktop, and then click on Personalize.


    2. Click on Screen Saver on the bottom right corner of the Personalization window.


    3. To change how long until your screen saver activates, increase or decrease the number of minutes in the Wait box.


    4. To enable do check mark on “On resume, display logon screen.”


    5. To change your screen saver, click the drop down box under “screen saver” and chose whatever you want.


    6. Then press APPLY and OK

    Good Luck
    your Friend

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    Re: Setting windows screen saver password in Panasonic notebook

    To set the screen saver password do fallow these steps
    right click on the home screen
    goto control panel
    select personalization
    select screen saver password
    then a new window will open
    select check box on resume diplay log on screen
    select time not too long or too less
    then click on apply
    then ok

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