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    Shockwave Flash Plugin Crashed while I tried to watch videos

    Hi, I have been using Windows Vista for my Desktop PC. Whenever, i was trying to go to some websites which has some flash advertisements or Videos, my browser got crashed and showing some Pop-ups. It’s happening all the browser such as IE, firefox and Chrome. I don’t know how to fix it. Please help me with some good suggestions.

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    Re: Shockwave Flash Plugin Crashed while I tried to watch videos

    Pop - ups are just like alert boxes to alert users for some specific kind of information!

    Some times flash player crashes due to UN-responsiveness of, browser.

    This problem will also occur, when the script takes too long to interpret the function.

    NO need to worry! By restarting your browser will solve your issue.

    If your browser doesn't have flash player then pop- up boxes will appear at the top of the screen!

    Flash players are used to show site videos or ads etc!

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