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    Show me the steps how to uninstall windows 8 release preview as there is no START feature?

    Hi friends can anyone show me the steps to uninstall windows 8 release preview as I think the copy of windows 8 release preview installed in my laptop is corrupted as I can’t see the START feature and I want to uninstall and again install the windows.

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    Re: Show me the steps how to uninstall windows 8 release preview as there is no START feature?

    No you can't to uninstall window 8 release preview but u restore the previous window. To do the previous window to follow the following step

    System Restore is a system protection feature available in Control Panel | System and Security | System. By default, System Protection is turned on. You can use the Configure option to disable it or turn it on.

    Step 1: Create a restore point

    the System Protection dialog box, click Create and name the restore point. Windows creates the restore point for you.
    If you don’t want to keep the restore point, you can use the Configure option to delete it

    Step 2: Restore system from a restore point

    Click on the System Restore button. You can either use recommended restore option or Choose a different restore point option. If you choose the latter, you can select a restore point, and restore the system from there.

    The scanned affected program option allows to check which programs may be affected by the operation before changes are applied to your system.

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    Re: Show me the steps how to uninstall windows 8 release preview as there is no START feature?

    You can Uninstall or remove Windows 8 from your PC by following these Steps.

    STEP 1: Download EasyBCD Here.

    STEP 2: Run the Application. If prompted for User Account Control (UAC), Click "Yes".

    STEP 3: In the EasyBCD Application Window "Edit Boot Menu" in the left pane. You can see all the boot entries which as Windows 8 Release Preview or Windows 8 Developer Review.


    STEP 4: Select the one which you want to Uninstall and Click "Delete". It will ask for Confirmation, click "Yes" and save the settings. Windows 8 release preview in removed from the Boot Menu.



    STEP 5: Open "My Computer" and right click on the Partition which is given for Windows 8 Release Preview and select "Format".


    STEP 6: Select the File System as "NTFS" and Click "Start". After completing, you can see the "Format Complete" Message.




    STEP 7: Reboot the PC.

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