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    Shutdown button tends to sleep mode in Windows Vista

    In my Windows Vista System, when I clicked on the Shutdown Button, it is tending my System to sleep mode rather than shutting down. I want to solve the problem. Please, provide me the solution. Thank you in advance. Thank you!

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    Re: Shutdown button tends to sleep mode in Windows Vista

    STEP 1: Click Start >> Run.
    STEP 2: Type “powercfg.cpl”, hit Enter.
    STEP 3: “Power Options” Window opens.
    STEP 4: Click on the “Change Plan Settings”.
    STEP 5: Click on “Change advanced power settings”.
    STEP 6: Click on “Start Menu power button” in “Power buttons and lid”.
    STEP 7: Change “sleep” to “shut down”.
    STEP 8: Apply the changes, your problem is solved.
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    Re: Shutdown button tends to sleep mode in Windows Vista


    go to the control panel and choose power options from there.

    click change Plan setting option.

    Now click change advanced power setting option.

    Now under power Button and Lid option click Start menu power Button.

    then change it from sleep to shutdown.

    Now click Apply and then close window..

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    Re: Shutdown button tends to sleep mode in Windows Vista

    Hi dear friend.................to solve this issue....follow the below procedure

    first press windows key+r and type powercfg.cpl in the run box

    then press ENTER key from the keyboard

    then choose one power plan from the two.............and click on change plan settings

    after that click on change advanced power settings

    then expand the power buttons and lid option

    again expand the power button action and select it as SHUTDOWN

    and now press apply and after click OK button

    after that your problem will be resolved


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