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    Shutdown occurs unexpectedly on Windows 7 powered HP notebook

    Having issue from last three days, i bought notebook 6 months ago and working with windows 7. Many times Shutdown occurs unexpectedly on my system. I really don't know what's the exact reason but really need here some tip to get rid from the issue.

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    Re: Shutdown occurs unexpectedly on Windows 7 powered HP notebook

    hiii dude
    this may be becos the ram sticks may be faulty
    try booting your computr in a sfe mode
    her you fallow this steps to boot your computer
    1. restart your computr and start pressing f8 key it will lead to the boot menu
    2. select safe mode when the windows advancd menu apppear and then enter

    if it works on safe mode you may want to perform clean boot

    fallow this steps in order to do a clean boot
    1.click start buttion type msconfig.exe in the start serch box and then hit enter to start the system configration utility
    2. on the genral tab click selective start up and then click to clear the load start up items check box
    3. on the service tab click to selct the hide all microsoft services check box and then click dis able all
    4. click ok and then restart

    this will sove the issu

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    Re: Shutdown occurs unexpectedly on Windows 7 powered HP notebook


    The problem of sudden shutdown of the system might occur out of various reasons, some of them are discussed below.

    In most cases Hardware Driver or Operating System errors may cause the computer to display an error message and later stopping the operation or shutting down the computer completely.
    Even the Hardware problems can shut down the computer or to restart unexpectedly.

    You need to update the BIOS to resolve the issue of computer shutting down unexpectedly.

    By restoring the computer to a point before, when the problem was not there can resolve the issue.

    If all the other steps discussed here failes to resolve the problem, recover all software on the computer back to its original configuration using HP System
    Recovery as supplied by the Manufacturer of the Notebook.

    Possibly those should solve issues in your favor.


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