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    Signal in my Windows 7 Mobile is not good

    I have Windows 7 Mobile. There is no good signal in my Windows 7 Mobile. I thought it was network problem and switched to another network. But same problem raises. What might be the problem. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Signal in my Windows 7 Mobile is not good


    If the signal strength is feeble and that too after changing the operator, it points to a single direction.

    Immidietly contact your nearest service center of the handset manufacturer, if you have warranty pending. Because this is a hardware fault, the signal receiving antenna
    is possibly not working upto its limit. The manufacturer should change the handset or even repair of the antenna can be done by them.
    Contact them even the warranty is expired, as they can maintain the sets better than any of us.


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    Re: Signal in my Windows 7 Mobile is not good


    it will be the network problem mostly just try the sim in another mobile in another handset and check the signal strength if the signal strength is good in that mobile it will be the handset problem once update the mobile or restore the factory settings if the problem occurs again contact the dealer if it is in under warrenty period.
    hope helps for u.

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    Re: Signal in my Windows 7 Mobile is not good

    If you having this type of problem.
    Then my friend you have to go in service center .
    because your problem is not a software problem .
    It is a hardware problem.
    Just go in service center and get your mobile repair.
    It is a better option.
    I hope it will helpful for you.
    gud luck.

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