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  1. Close button is not shown on each opened tab in Notepad ++
  2. VNC Viewer does not share my Printer to another System of Windows Vista
  3. Internet Download Manager does not download any file in any browser of Windows XP
  4. Some images with same file type are missing in Picasa
  5. Person on other side in not able to hear me when called through Skype in Windows Vista
  6. Gray boxes are seen on Picasa Web albums when seen from Internet Explorer
  7. Desktop is not shared using Skype in Windows 8
  8. Facing the Error “Problem with the content” in word document 2010
  9. Is it possible to move the entire files on a drive to another at a stretch on Toshiba windows notebook?
  10. No sound on Windows media player on HP desktop all of a sudden
  11. Windows 7 crashing after latest batch of updates on Dell notebook
  12. Error code 8300300B on Windows Phone 8 while trying to sync
  13. How to change Windows 7's file permissions on Lenovo notebook?
  14. Unable to connect to Skype on Nokia Windows 8 phone
  15. Windows Media center freezes on menus when working with Xbox 360
  16. Windows 7 Search indexer not retaining indexed locations on HP notebook
  17. Changing Bluetooth name of Windows powered LG phone
  18. Cannot play .MTS files on windows supported Lenovo laptop
  19. Windows Update error code FFFFFFFE on Toshiba notebook
  20. Incoming calls going straight to voice mail on Nokia Windows phone
  21. What is the option to Crop print screen on Lenovo notebook with windows OS?
  22. Procedure to install Nero Smart to windows XP supported Samsung desktop
  23. Issues playing DVD movies on windows media player on HP desktop
  24. Cannot move, copy, or paste files on Toshiba windows laptop, except to recycle bin
  25. Response of Google Chrome browser on Windows XP notebook too slow
  26. Is there any option to make the dialer tone as the ringtone on windows powered Nokia Lumia phone?
  27. Cannot install update KB2770917 through Windows Update into Windows 8?
  28. Procedure for pinning favorite websites to Windows 8 start screen
  29. Windows 8 displaying error message while trying to download apps from App Store
  30. Cannot hear sound while plugging headphone into PC after Windows 8 upgrade
  31. Unable to use Windows 8 apps on laptop
  32. Is it possible to disable a startup program while booting up Windows 7?
  33. MSN and Outlook not working properly on Windows 7
  34. Windows 7 shows the notification “Low Disk Space on D: (HD_RECOVERY)”
  35. Getting error 0x80070052 on Windows Vista
  36. Unable to delete mystart.Incredibar.com toolbar from Windows Vista
  37. Windows XP displays “no printer spooler is present” message
  38. Certain file names in Windows Explorer shows blue color on Windows XP
  39. Getting ‘unhandled’ error while changing desktop color in Windows 8
  40. How to avoid ‘confirm’ step before deleting a file in Windows 7 Home Premium?
  41. Locking desktop icons in correct position on Windows 7
  42. Windows 7 can’t boot past ‘Starting Windows’ screen
  43. Restoring clock on sidebar in Windows Vista
  44. ‘Send To’ context menu in Windows 8 shows only Bluetooth device
  45. Screen getting blank while plugging charger into Samsung Series 3 laptop running on Windows 8
  46. Disabling Language Key sequence in Windows 7
  47. Windows 8 shows black screen while playing YouTube videos
  48. Windows Media Player tend to split albums after installing Windows 7
  49. Windows Vista Ultimate says “Active Directory Domain Services not available’ while clicking on ‘Find Printer’
  50. Screen remains sideways on laptop upgraded to Windows Vista
  51. How to make sidebar same color as desktop background on Windows Vista?
  52. What has to be done for restoring internet explorer icon on start menu in Windows Vista?
  53. Cannot view folder name under picture folders inside ‘My Pictures’ in Windows XP
  54. Getting error message while opening Media Guide on Windows Media Player
  55. Windows 7 tend to associate all icons and files with Windows Media Player
  56. Setting up multiple themes as slideshow on Windows 7
  57. Windows XP cannot display Firewall settings
  58. Windows Vista trying to establish connection with VirtualProfile under Network Connections after setting up Netgear Wireless USB adapter
  59. Changing mode of operating the mouse from double click to single click on Windows Vista
  60. Unable to create password for user account in Windows Vista
  61. Removing the “Insert” option from the Context Menu of the CD/DVD Drive raising an Error
  62. How to get name in the Context Menu of the Desktop of Windows XP
  63. Aero Glass Theme cannot be disabled in Windows Vista
  64. Mozilla Firefox closes when last tab is closed in Windows 7 Professional
  65. Excel sheet is not opening in LG GM750 Windows 6.5 Mobile
  66. Opening a Facebook Messenger raising an error in Windows 8
  67. Problem in deleting a newly created folder in Nokia Lumia 620
  68. Reload button got separated from stop button on Mozilla Firefox on Windows Vista
  69. Multiple tabs closes without any warning in Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7 Professional
  70. Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 System restricts me to login
  71. Mozilla Firefox in Windows 7 Professional System does not ask me where to save the downloaded file
  72. Windows Live does not allow opening video file attachments in Windows 8
  73. MS Word 2010 document does not open in Windows 8
  74. Fixing the file conversion errors on MS Word 2010 in Windows 7
  75. Mozilla Firefox does not closes automatically when download finished in Windows XP
  76. Windows Clipboard is not working in windows 7
  77. Problem in importing contacts on Outlook to Huawei W1
  78. Error while signing in to Zune Software in Windows 8
  79. Windows 8 Stops at the welcome screen
  80. How to print names and mailing address from the MS Outlook 2007 in Windows 7 Professional
  81. Facing Error during importing Excel Sheet into MS Word 2007 in Windows Vista
  82. Unable to change the appearance on the link bar in Word 2007
  83. Not able to find “InContent Preferences” in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser in Windows Vista
  84. Unable to remove “Tabs on Top ” in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser in Windows Vista
  85. Unable to add Bibliography in MS Word 2007 in Windows 7 Professional
  86. Log on speed of windows xp is too slow
  87. Windows 7 not able to recognize the USB drive
  88. What to do with system Recovery Options in windows 7?
  89. How to turn off the dictionary feature in Nokia Lumia 800?
  90. Windows 7 computer heats up quickly and takes a long time to open even light weight applications
  91. How to remove the mails in deleted e-mail folder and move the existing mails to another folder on Mail app in Windows 8?
  92. Windows Security Center indicates no virus protection even though the anti-virus program is already updated and activated on Windows XP
  93. Trouble in installing ‘Adobe Digital Editions 2.0’ into Windows Vista
  94. Left mouse click only opening desktop shortcuts on Windows Vista
  95. Cannot enable screen saver on Windows 7
  96. Getting incorrect location with Bing map on Windows 8
  97. Disk Management Console view not updating on Windows Vista
  98. Network administrator blocked Wi-Fi connection on private PC running on Windows Vista
  99. Unable to turn on hibernation feature in Dell Latitude D630 laptop running on Windows 7
  100. Steps for disabling Windows Defender on Windows 7
  101. Unable to view ‘Auto Play’ option while connecting Canon SX130 with PC upgraded to Windows Vista
  102. Getting “comctl32.ocx not registered” error while running Word 2007 on Windows Vista
  103. Windows Vista prompts to contact system administrator while clicking the links in e-mails received through Outlook
  104. Cannot switch PC running on Windows XP into sleep mode
  105. Which is the best windows app to trace out if the LG windows phone gets lost?
  106. How to stop the automatic windows updates happening on HTC tablet?
  107. Which is the latest available Nokia smartphone in the Windows 8 category?
  108. Is it possible to turn off the animated screen character set by default on Lenovo windows notebook?
  109. What are the options to configure desktop themes in Windows XP on Sony laptop?
  110. Steps to reinstall a windows app purchased on Nokia Windows phone
  111. Whenever I open Internet Explorer, it redirects me to http://search.conduit.com
  112. So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7
  113. Getting an error that while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled(null) in Windows 7
  114. How to remove the confirmation notification which appears while deleting any file in windows 7?
  115. Unable to change the email storage location of Windows Live Mail
  116. Fixing the Error “Unable to insert table” in MS Word 2013 in Windows 8
  117. Unable to view the inserted image in a MS Word 2010 in Windows 8
  118. Not able to share the document using Google Docs in Nokia Lumia Windows 7
  119. Unable to send Voice Mail in HTC 8V Windows 8 mobile
  120. Unable to find “Conversations” View in Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 Professional
  121. Titles on MS Office 2013 ribbon changed to small letters
  122. People to whom I send a mail through a Windows Live Mail are not added to my Contact List
  123. Spell Checker on Google Chrome is not working in Windows Vista
  124. Removing the Purge Memory Button in the Task Manager on the Google Chrome
  125. Unable to remove the trend line on MS Word 2010 in Windows 7
  126. Unable to rename the word document 2010 with numeral in Windows 8
  127. Cannot install Google Chrome in Windows 8 System
  128. Problem in adding a new contact to Gmail in HTC 8S
  129. Windows 7 Mobile takes long time to restart
  130. Windows Live Mail hides when it is minimized in Windows 7
  131. Unable to disable “Add to Compact View” in Windows Live Mail of Windows 7
  132. Cannot remove advertisements from Yahoo Messenger of Windows Vista
  133. Unable to disable start screen in Office 2012 of Windows 7
  134. “Open in New Window” not found in the Context Menu of a Folder
  135. Unable to open a game in Windows 6.5 Mobile
  136. Not able to install Yahoo Messenger in Windows 8
  137. Unable to change the name of the folder to small letters in Nokia Lumia 620
  138. Windows Live does not open in Windows 8
  139. Unable to access “Advanced Configuration” page in Mozilla Firefox
  140. Unable to find the option “Toggle Frame Type” in the Context Menu of the Google Chrome title bar
  141. No option is found in the drop down box “Office Theme” of MS Office 2013 in Windows 7 Professional
  142. All titles on Tab are capital in MS Office 2013 in Windows 7
  143. Unable to disable “Close all tabs” dialog box in IE of Windows Vista
  144. Unable to find “You’ve opened a new tab” page in IE7 in Windows XP System
  145. Unable to uninstall the app from the Start Screen on Windows 8
  146. Nokia Lumia 810 Windows 8 Mobile not allowing to install “UC Browser”
  147. Speaker enables automatically during calls in Samsung ATIV S
  148. Ativ Tab Tablet Windows 8 Tablet does not allow me to share photos to Google Plus
  149. Not able to download Windows apps from marketplace in HTC Titan
  150. Unable to turn OFF Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 Mobile
  151. Facing Problem while enabling Screen saver option in Windows 7
  152. Unable to stop contacts synchronization process with Windows Live in Windows phone
  153. Getting an unspecified Error code if installing update KB2596856 in Windows 7
  154. Issue while Windows 7 PC not recognizing sound card in Device Manager
  155. What should I do if having white screen issue in Windows 7?
  156. Unable to sync Gmail and Hotmail accounts in Windows phone 7
  157. Issue while trying to copy and delete files from Windows XP
  158. What to do if having problem with connecting to Internet in Windows Vista?
  159. Facing issue while visiting Windows Update Web site in Windows XP
  160. File names are not seen in Windows XP System
  161. Particular drive in Windows 8 System always showing full
  162. Unable to create a folder within a folder in Nokia Lumia 620
  163. Unable to change the options in the Context Menu of the Desktop
  164. Unable to install “Facebook Photo Zoomer” extension for Google Chrome
  165. “Scroll Lock” does not ON when Logged in to Windows 7
  166. Unable to open search box results in the same tab of Mozilla Firefox of Windows Vista
  167. “Shift + Backspace” does not scroll down the page in Mozilla Firefox
  168. Details Pane is showing on the top in Windows 7 System
  169. Need to remove “Kill Not Responding Tasks” in the Context Menu of Desktop in Windows 7
  170. Options in the context menu particular drive in Windows 8 System are not active
  171. Unable to find the size of the folder in Nokia Lumia 620
  172. Not able to install MS Office 2013 in Windows 8
  173. Unable to install songs online in Windows 6.5 Mobile
  174. How to change a default theme on windows 7 on Dell notebook?
  175. What is the significance of a troubleshooter in fixing issues on Windows PCs?
  176. Steps to update display drivers on Samsung Windows desktop
  177. Is there any option to manually receive a fax on Windows powered Lenovo notebook?
  178. Setting up Automatic Updates on Windows XP on Sony laptop
  179. How to check if a sound card is installed on windows supported Toshiba laptop?
  180. How to report an app or a review to Microsoft Windows from HTC tablet?
  181. Steps to set up Windows Parental Controls on Toshiba notebook
  182. How to access Windows Security Center on windows supported Sony laptop?
  183. How to check with the app permissions on windows powered Nokia Lumia Windows phone?
  184. Is it possible to allow certain category programs via Windows Firewall on HP desktop?
  185. How to scan using the Scanner and Camera Wizard on Dell Inspiron laptop running on Windows 7?
  186. Is it possible to lock the folders on C drive on Lenovo windows notebook with password?
  187. Windows vista on Toshiba notebook not recognizing the scanner
  188. Procedure to establish a connection between webcam and Windows based HP desktop
  189. Screen of Dell windows notebook goes blue in between watching movies
  190. How to improve the operating speed of Sony laptop running on windows?
  191. CD got stuck on CD drive of Samsung desktop with windows OS
  192. Procedure for changing Klondike Solitaire Game into Vegas style on Windows 8
  193. Unable to remove hpqtra08.exe-No Disk message from Windows Vista
  194. Getting c2c_service.exe- Application Error while turning off PC running on Windows XP
  195. Windows XP Professional displays error code 0x80244019 while installing update through Windows Update
  196. Trouble in sharing wireless internet connection from Windows 7
  197. Disabling automatic restart feature for Windows Update in Windows 7 Home premium
  198. Cannot back up anything from PC running on Windows Vista into hard drive
  199. How to figure out whether the computer is running 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows?
  200. How to restore the deleted e-mail messages in Windows?
  201. How to scan PC with Windows Defender?
  202. Adding the security info to personal account in Windows
  203. How to make group video calls from Windows?
  204. How to edit photos in Windows 8 devices?
  205. How to remove a site from Control Panel Settings in Windows?
  206. Facing minor issues with trouble shooters in Windows?
  207. How to restore files from a back up in Windows 8?
  208. How to know the updates installed in Windows 8 PC?
  209. Unable to change drive letter on Windows Vista
  210. Windows 7 can’t edit and save hosts files
  211. Windows 7 keep showing the error message “Pictures.library-ms is no longer working”
  212. How to search items on multiple hard disks in Windows 8?
  213. Changing the location address in Maps app on Windows 8
  214. How to switch into classic mode on Windows 7?
  215. Unable to open libraries on Windows 7
  216. Not able to open Hyperlinks in e-mails received through Windows Mail on Windows Vista
  217. What has to be done for reducing the size of desktop icons on Windows 7?
  218. Creating desktop shortcut for sleep command on Windows Vista
  219. How to arrange programs list on Windows XP in alphabetical order?
  220. Messages disappearing from Outlook Express on Windows XP after clicking the ‘Compact messages’ option
  221. Procedure for disabling touchpad in Windows 8
  222. Cannot save Power Schemes on Windows XP
  223. What has to be done for increasing the size of font displayed on Windows 7?
  224. Windows 8 shows error message while opening picture library
  225. Trouble in opening Windows Defender on Windows Vista
  226. Cannot set up restore point in Windows Vista
  227. Network Connection icon missing from system tray in Windows Vista
  228. Dell Inspiron Mini 10 can’t work on native resolution after installing Windows 8 Pro
  229. Trouble in installing new programs into Windows 7
  230. What has to be done for taking screenshots through Windows 7 home premium?
  231. Procedure for sending feedback from People app on Windows 8
  232. Windows 7 shows error code 0x00000015 while using Epson RX600 scanner
  233. Webcam stopped working on MSI Wind U100 after upgrading to Windows 7
  234. Bluetooth mouse tend to disconnect from laptop running on Windows Vista intermittently
  235. Getting error message while closing desktop on Windows Vista
  236. Printing documents using USB printer from DOS prompt on Windows Vista
  237. Cannot find read e-mails on Outlook mail in Windows XP
  238. Cannot unhide hidden folders on Windows XP
  239. Unable to open any programs or shortcuts on Windows Vista
  240. Shutdown button tends to sleep mode in Windows Vista
  241. No “Hibernate” option in Windows Vista System
  242. “Copy Items” and “Move Items” dialog box got cut into half in Windows 7
  243. Cannot see “Insert” option in the Context Menu of CD/DVD Drive
  244. Unable to rename the newly created shortcut in Windows 7
  245. How to change the look and feel of Start Menu in Windows XP
  246. Unable to rename particular drive in Windows 8 System
  247. Cannot delete more than one folder at a time from memory card in Nokia Lumia 620
  248. Unable to highlight any option in the Context Menu of the Desktop in Windows 8
  249. Unable to remove Babylon search as the default in Windows XP
  250. ‘Pin to Start Menu’ option is missing in Windows Vista System