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  1. Shut down issues while changing the account through Switch User
  2. Wallpapers changing automatically on Windows 7
  3. VLC Player showing decoded errors on Windows 8
  4. Checking the history of Windows Explorer?
  5. External camera is not connecting with acer notebook having windows 7 in it
  6. Date and Time changes automatically in Windows 8 even If I set
  7. Adding New Hardware on windows Xp manually?
  8. Steps to install Tamil fonts in Windows powered Samsung laptop?
  9. Local drives opens in new window on my computer
  10. Unable to run scheduled tasks in Windows XP
  11. How to find a word or phrase on a webpage in Internet Explorer 7 in Sony laptop?
  12. Steps to connect Xbox 360 to home network in Samsung desktop
  13. Adding media information in Windows Media Player in Dell notebook?
  14. How to use speech feature in Windows LG phone?
  15. Editing the channel numbers in the Windows Media Centre TV Guide in Sony laptop?
  16. Any option to change the access code in Windows Media Centre Parental controls in Dell notebook?
  17. Steps to delete Internet cookies in Internet Explorer 8 in Panasonic laptop
  18. How to remove a Nokia windows phone from My Phone facility?
  19. How to remove a search provider in Internet Explorer in Lenovo laptop?
  20. Creating a restore point in Windows XP in Asus notebook?
  21. How to set or change a lock screen password on Samsung windows phone?
  22. Steps to manually update a driver in Windows in HP desktop?
  23. Opening the last browsing session in Internet Explorer 8 in Dell notebook?
  24. How to play desired movies on TV in windows media centre in Sony laptop?
  25. How to change the email sync settings in LG windows phone?
  26. Configuring the CD settings in Panasonic notebook powered by windows?
  27. Steps to change name on My Phone on LG windows phone?
  28. Playing back a recorded movie in windows media centre in Sony notebook?
  29. How to change the settings for text suggestions in Samsung windows phone?
  30. How to recognize the version of Nokia Windows Phone in use?
  31. Is there any option to re-enable Windows Firewall in HP notebook?
  32. Is there any option to manually choose content to block or allow in Internet Explorer in Acer windows notebook?
  33. What is the procedure to subscribe to a podcast from Nokia windows phone?
  34. Procedure to turn search suggestions on or off in Internet Explorer in Sony laptop running windows?
  35. How to set recording options for a specific program in TV in windows media centre in Dell notebook?
  36. Setting up the show artist art on the lock screen in LG windows phone?
  37. What is the procedure to delete music, videos, and podcasts in Nokia windows phone?
  38. Uninstalling the older versions of Java in Internet Explorer 8 in Acer notebook running windows?
  39. Is there any option to find the Windows Live ID used to create Zune tag in my Samsung windows phone?
  40. What is the procedure to activate DVS in windows media centre in Asus notebook?
  41. How to change the email address or billing info in LG windows phone?
  42. Steps to view Internet Explorer security settings in Panasonic notebook powered by windows?
  43. Is there any option to change keyboard language in Nokia phone powered by windows?
  44. How to schedule recordings based on channel and time in TV in windows media centre in Sony laptop?
  45. How to switch between apps in Windows Nokia phone?
  46. Adding a newsgroup in windows live mail in Dell notebook?
  47. How to import Photo Story 3 files into Windows Movie Maker in Panasonic notebook?
  48. How to run the Files and Setting Transfer Wizard on new HP desktop running windows XP?
  49. How to rate and review an app from LG windows phone?
  50. Setting up media sharing in Windows Media Player 11 for Xbox 360 in HP notebook
  51. How to view temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer 8 in Samsung desktop?
  52. How to organize photos as a filmstrip in HP desktop with windows?
  53. Splitting a video clip in windows movie maker in Panasonic notebook?
  54. Adjusting the size of the Command bar in Internet Explorer in HP notebook with windows?
  55. How to add signature in Windows Live Mail in Samsung desktop
  56. How to watch live TV in windows media centre in Lenovo laptop
  57. Adding new search providers in Internet Explorer in Acer notebook
  58. Adding music files in Windows movie maker in Asus notebook?
  59. Deleting the browsing history in Internet Explorer 8 in Acer notebook?
  60. Sorting favorites alphabetically in Internet Explorer in Samsung desktop?
  61. Options to search for pictures in windows XP in Sony notebook
  62. What are the steps to post a link on Twitter connected with Windows Microsoft account?
  63. The procedure to check the connection to the Windows Messenger service in HP desktop
  64. What is the procedure to add a trusted PC to Microsoft Windows account?
  65. Turning the Remote Desktop on in Acer notebook with windows?
  66. Saving the Windows photo story for playback on Samsung desktop?
  67. How to connect to services from Windows Messenger in Acer notebook?
  68. Steps to update Internet Explorer 7 in Sony laptop?
  69. Completely uninstalling the Windows Live OneCare in HP desktop?
  70. Adding a missing digital TV channel in Windows Media Centre in Dell notebook?
  71. What is the option to always allow Windows Live Mail to download and open all types of attachments?
  72. Playing online radio stations in Windows media Player in Panasonic notebook
  73. ‘SkyDrive can't upload this file’ message in HP desktop with windows
  74. How to create video clips in windows movie maker in Asus notebook?
  75. How to turn off the Information bar in Internet Explorer in Samsung desktop?
  76. Altering the types of notifications in Microsoft Windows account in Dell notebook?
  77. Adding the music to queue in windows media centre in Sony laptop?
  78. Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop
  79. What should I do to made Nvidia 9500GT video card work in Windows 7?
  80. Facing problem with Windows Vista boot up after the recent update
  81. Fixing the problem with USB 3.0 with Windows 7?
  82. Problem with DVDs in Windows XP, always shows as 0 as the free space
  83. Why Windows softwares are taking 4-7 minutes time to open in Mac Crossover application?
  84. Facing problem in playing AVCHD format video files in Windows Media Player 11
  85. Facing problem with the Data Manage in Windows Vista
  86. Whenever I try to upload some videos in Windows Live Movie Maker it says "The file is not a supported file type"
  87. Can not install Windows 7 after installing the new GA-H61M Motherboard
  88. Not able to use HP Officejet Refresh in Windows Vista
  89. Not able to change the Windows 7 Pro resolution in Netbook
  90. How to get back my Video Card driver in Windows XP if I uninstalled it by mistake?
  91. Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?
  92. Unable to install Boujou 5.2 software in my Windows 7 due to problem with the Windows installer package
  93. Dictionary software fails to start in the startup programs
  94. Windows Explorer stops working whenever I try to play the Gears of War II game in my Windows PC
  95. Windows not booting up properly even after selecting the Shutdown option
  96. Unable to use the Cookies in my Windows OS
  97. CD Driver not working in my Windows PC even when it is detected in the Device Manager
  98. Why there is no option present in the Entertainment menu in my Windows XP OS? What is the problem?
  99. Windows unable to repair the problem which I faced while installing a new software
  100. Unable to Copy/Paste any files due to error showing “Windows explorer has stopped working”
  101. What should I do if I am unable to see the Wi-Fi connection icon Windows 7 OS? How to fix this problem?
  102. Unable to uninstall the application program from my Windows 7
  103. Screen flips when connecting my Windows 7 Dell laptop to Sony 32” Flatscreen TV
  104. Facing Partition BOOTMGR error when booting up the Windows 7
  105. Facing problem with Windows 7 GE Force 8400GS drivers
  106. What should I do to fix the problem in my Windows XP which shows a error message whenever I come to the desktop?
  107. What should I do if I am unable to boot my Windows 7 OS after using CCleaner to clean up the unused registry files?
  108. Class Not registered errors in Asus Notebook having Home Premium installed in it
  109. Facing problem when I change the Crysis game setting in Windows 7
  110. My Windows 7 just doesn’t detect my Samsung MP3 at all
  111. What should I do if my Windows 7 OS automatically changes the color mode to 256? How can I fix this problem?
  112. Not able to read the Microsoft Word document properly, it just shows some mix of characters instead of words
  113. Unable to login to the Windows Server 2003 OS
  114. Is it ok to use Windows 7 Home Premium License key to Windows 7 Ultimate OS? Will that cause any problem or throws error in future?
  115. Unable to use Cisco Packet Tracer in my Windows 7 OS
  116. Facing issue for adding printer in my Windows 7 OS
  117. Unable to login to Windows 7 OS even after giving the right password
  118. How to remove DVD drive option from "Send to " devices list in windows 7?
  119. Will GTX 550 TI be able to support BF3 maxed out?
  120. How to customize the look of Icons in windows xp?
  121. How can I block some specific websites in my computer without using any browser in windows 7?
  122. How to delete Folder’s content using command prompt in windows 7?How to delete Folder’s content using command prompt in windows 7?
  123. How to edit the welcome text which appears after starting windows 7?
  124. How to customize the Turn Off menu in windows 7?
  125. How to change the background of Alert dialogue boxes in windows XP?
  126. How to change the order of links which appear in start Menu in windows 7?
  127. Not able to retrieve my Hidden Folder in Windows 7 Ultimate
  128. Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop
  129. "Selected Files can’t be Played" this is the Default message am getting when trying to Play Videos of my PC via KM Player
  130. System Language & Location always changes on it's own
  131. Setting up New User Account in desktop installed with Windows 7?
  132. My PC’s Memory is Full & Running out of slow process with operation of perform every time
  133. Getting Error Message as “Not Responding” when I connect any external device to my PC Port
  134. My Mozilla Firefox hangs and crashes often while browsing
  135. Customizing desktop home screen in Windows 7 Ultimate?
  136. Not able to Hear any Voice from my Headset over Skype
  137. Setting up Windows Time Management in Lenovo laptop with Windows 7
  138. Blue screen after Windows XP installation in Asus notebook
  139. Windows 7 won't recognize new Hard Drive in Panasonic notebook
  140. Internet disconnects when monitor is turned off in Samsung desktop running windows
  141. NTLDR is missing in Windows Vista in Acer notebook
  142. Trouble Reverting Back To Factory Defaults in Windows 7 in HP notebook
  143. Steps for repartitioning windows XP OS in Dell notebook
  144. Steps to place the control panel on the desktop in Asus notebook?
  145. Locating the extension for outlook Express in Dell notebook with windows XP?
  146. Microsoft Update Error Code: 0x80072F78 in Lenovo notebook powered by windows
  147. Unable to install Microsoft Office suite service pack 3 in Asus notebook with windows
  148. Windows XP Media Center 2005 edition freezes during TV guide download
  149. Removing Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (x86) in HP notebook with windows
  150. Downgrading from Windows 7 to XP Professional in Sony laptop
  151. Creating bootable Windows XP USB drive in Acer notebook?
  152. What is the procedure to enable DMA for DVD player in HP desktop running windows?
  153. Updating Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows XP in Panasonic notebook?
  154. "1152: Error extracting...from temporary file" message in Lenovo laptop with windows
  155. Altering the "wave" type effect when scrolling in Sony laptop powered by windows?
  156. Unable to shut down computer from the start menu in HP notebook with windows
  157. Windows XP crashes while streaming video in Dell notebook
  158. Yahoo messenger opening only in safe mode in Asus notebook with windows
  159. Getting Windows 80004005 error when trying to run updates in Lenovo laptop
  160. Can't install SP1 with error Code: 0x8004100E in Acer notebook with windows
  161. Closing a group of windows together in HP desktop?
  162. No sound via HDMI output when connecting Sony laptop powered by windows to TV
  163. How to control Windows Media Player 12 Play speed?
  164. Mails not saving into sent folder in Dell notebook with windows
  165. What are the steps for moving a photo, file, or folder to a different location in Windows SkyDrive in Asus notebook?
  166. How to create a new collection in Windows movie maker in Asus notebook?
  167. Hiding text on Command bar buttons in Internet Explorer in Sony laptop?
  168. Setting up a rich text signature in Windows Live Mail in Dell notebook?
  169. How to request verification email in Sony laptop with windows?
  170. Steps to open the ClipBook Viewer in Samsung desktop running windows
  171. Showing a channel in the Guide in TV in windows media centre in Sony laptop
  172. Changing the appearance of Windows XP in Sony laptop
  173. Requesting a single-use code in Microsoft account from Panasonic notebook with windows
  174. Changing the subtitle settings in TV in Windows Media Center in Lenovo laptop
  175. Adding a friend to the Favorites category in Windows messenger in Samsung desktop
  176. Steps to verify whether Acer notebook running windows has a wireless network adapter
  177. Creating videos using AutoMovie in Windows movie maker in HP notebook
  178. Removing some of browsing history in Internet Explorer 7 in HP desktop running windows
  179. Installing a Communication port in Asus notebook with Windows OS
  180. Determining the APM version in windows XP in Dell notebook
  181. Missing standby option in Windows shut down dialog box in Asus notebook
  182. Labeling a disk drive in Acer notebook with windows
  183. Audio appears to be missing in Lenovo laptop running windows
  184. Manually removing hard drive compression in Samsung desktop running windows 2000
  185. Unable to change the resources on device in HP desktop powered by Windows 98
  186. Removing skipped items from a playlist in Asus notebook with windows OS
  187. Changing the appearance of files and folders in Acer notebook with windows
  188. Inserting IP settings in HP desktop powered by windows?
  189. Appearing offline to group of people in Windows Messenger in Acer notebook
  190. Finding out which version of Internet Explorer is in use in Dell notebook running windows
  191. Sharing a Windows Movie Maker movie via email in Samsung desktop
  192. Setting up a TV signal from a cable TV wall jack in Windows media centre in HP notebook
  193. How to enable automatic lock in Windows HTC Phone?
  194. How to synchronize HTC HD2 without Outlook?
  195. How to install Chinese characters and font on Windows XP?
  196. How to get lost drivers in Windows XP.
  197. Unable to install anti-virus in my computer.
  198. Printing issues with HP Deskjet D4168.
  199. App similar to Google Navigation for Windows Phone.
  200. How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?
  201. Unable to send files from Windows XP laptop top mobile through Bluetooth.
  202. PC not recognizing the USB device of mobile.
  203. Downloaded file cannot be seen in the specified folder.
  204. Unwanted shortcuts appear on Desktop after booting.
  205. Transfer through data cable not possible.
  206. Is it okay to install Windows 7 Professional in Netbooks?
  207. Not able to hear anything after picking up the call.
  208. Unable to retrieve hidden files and folders in Windows XP.
  209. Cursor moves to another location while typing in Lenovo
  210. How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron
  211. Internet Explorer got corrupted. How to fix this?
  212. Anti -virus best for Windows 8
  213. How to set up Mozilla Firefox as the default browser in Windows 7?
  214. Time required to install Windows 8.
  215. I s the Windows 8 Tablet better than Android tablets?
  216. How to create multiple accounts in Windows 8?
  217. Having trouble booting from CD after installing Windows 8.
  218. Copying items on Windows XP becoming very slow.
  219. iPhone does not sync with 64 bit Windows 7.
  220. Windows Vista upgrade stops at 62% and system gets hanged.
  221. Recover lost files during formatting and reinstalling Windows 7.
  222. How to reset columns in Windows Professional 2002?
  223. Frequent notifications that Windows is not genuine .How to fix this?
  224. How to delete unnecessary applications from HTC Radar?
  225. Icons of certain programs recently removed still displayed.
  226. System slows down upon using Internet and freezes gradually.
  227. Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.
  228. Advantages of Windows Phone 8 over Android 4.1.
  229. Samsung Omnia 7 battery backup very low in just over a year
  230. Windows phone update Error 80070424
  231. Facing issue to install the softwares which depends upon Windows installer
  232. What should I do if the Start button hangs in Windows Taskbar? What might be the problem?
  233. Windows 7 is not able to detect my Xperia mobile when connecting it in the USB drive
  234. Not able to install Windows LIve photo viewer software in Windows XP SP3
  235. Unable to use my NVidia Express Graphics card in Windows 8 RC OS
  236. Facing issue with Windows 7 Taskbar menu, it shows the icon larger than the standard size
  237. Not able to play games in my Dell GX280 WIndows 7 OS
  238. How to shutdown properly when I am not able to even selecting the Turn-Off option?
  239. Can not play the Podcast channels in Windows Media Player
  240. Unable to switch on the Windows Security feature in my Windows OS
  241. Tried several time to change the Windows Firewall settings but I am unable to do it
  242. Problem opening the Shortcut icons from the desktop after 5 minutes in Windows 7
  243. Unable to connect the network in my Windows Vista as it is forcing to create a new network
  244. Windows 7 is just showing me two options to me “Launch startup repair” and “Boot normally” on booting
  245. What should I do if I am unable to install the Realtek AC97 drivers for Audio in my Windows 7 OS?
  246. Steps to fix the Undefined Network connection problem in Windows 7?
  247. Unable to boot from DVD to run the setup for Windows 7 OS
  248. Unable to restart my Windows Vista OS right after doing the upgrade
  249. Facing issue in my Windows update as it is displaying Error Code: 80072EFD
  250. Unable to import the screenshot to Photoshop CS5 from Km Player in my Windows OS