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  1. Updating sound card driver on Windows XP
  2. How to safely uninstall a program from windows computer?
  3. What are the different ways to check the IP address of the windows computer?
  4. Is it possible to assign static IP for local area connection on windows computer?
  5. How to remove the browsing history of Internet Explorer installed on Windows computer?
  6. Windows computer freezes up when connecting to an iPhone?
  7. Is it legal to reuse the Windows 7 upgrade disc in another PC? Do I have to buy separate Windows OS if even if I have two PCs in the same home?
  8. Do Microsoft still have support for WIndows XP or they have stopped it permanently?
  9. How to use VM Ware in Windows? How to install virtual OS in top of my WIndows OS?
  10. How much does Windows 8 Samsung Slate PC cost? What are the features available in it?
  11. Why windows 8 release preview cannot install sound driver for my laptop?
  12. How can I make partial sync in windows 8 release preview people application?
  13. Where Store is located in windows 8 release preview?
  14. Suggestions to keep windows 8 release preview safe from malware?
  15. How can I upgrade to Windows 8 Release Preview from Windows 8 Consumer Preview?
  16. How can fix this error while installing windows 8 release preview: “Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8.”?
  17. Is it possible to merge non-adjacent hard disk in my WIndows PC? Steps to do it?
  18. How to find that if the Windows Firewall option is on or not in Windows 7? How to turn off the Windows Firewall so that I can install some 3rd party applications?
  19. Managing database by visual basics front and back end
  20. Will my PC work faster if I upgrade my PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7? What all I can do to make my Windows PC work faster?
  21. What is the use of Rainmeter application in Windows? How to install and use it? Is that application free or paid for Windows OS?
  22. How to migrate personal files using Windows Easy Transfer to transfer windows 7 ultimate personal files to windows 8 release preview?
  23. How can I install both windows 7 and windows 8 release preview together without any damage?
  24. What is the difference between a normal Windows 8 tablet and Surface for Windows 8 Pro? Can you tell me how much will it cost?
  25. Where I can find my favorites folders in windows 8 release preview?
  26. How can I find help for any problem related to application or any other issue in windows 8 release preview?
  27. Information about Microsoft windows store in windows 8 release preview?
  28. Is there any different to play DVD disk in windows 8 release preview? What all new type of players we have?
  29. Where I can find Windows Media Center in windows 8 release preview?
  30. Setting Windows Media Player 11 as the default player in Windows XP
  31. Rotating pictures in Windows 7
  32. Connecting Xbox 360 to wireless home network for streaming music from computer running Windows
  33. Downloading images from digital camera to home system powered by Windows
  34. Resizing digital pictures in Windows XP
  35. What needs to be done to share a web link in a message in Windows Phone 7 based smartphone?
  36. Filtering the contacts in Windows Phone 7 smartphone?
  37. How to remove the ‘Microsoft My Phone’ feature from Nokia Lumia 710 mobile phone?
  38. What needs to be done to change the video filter settings in Windows?
  39. What needs to be done to disconnect unused network drives in Windows XP laptops?
  40. Is it possible to change the sound associated with a program in Windows XP?
  41. What needs to be done for uninstalling a software program from Windows Vista operated computer?
  42. How to restore a driver to its previous version in Windows 7?
  43. What is causing the project to stop responding after changing the update settings in the Links dialog box in Windows?
  44. How to make the Sound Recorder use the extended length of recording time automatically in Windows 98?
  45. Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?
  46. Time settings issues with HTC Windows phone
  47. Making Google Chrome as Default browser in Acer laptop running Windows
  48. Message delivery report issues with LG windows phone
  49. Naming of web application's IP address and port in Samsung desktop powered by Windows
  50. Video recording issues in Samsung Windows phone
  51. Slow start and stop issues in HP desktop with Windows XP
  52. Video player issues with Windows Nokia phone
  53. MS word issues in Samsung Desktop running Windows XP
  54. Recovery of over written folders on Dell laptop powered by Windows
  55. Audio player problems with LG windows phone
  56. Silent mode issues in Nokia Windows phone
  57. Minimizing Windows issues on Samsung desktop with Windows OS
  58. Blue screen on sleep and shut down in Acer laptop running Windows
  59. Volume setting issues on LG windows phone
  60. Setting password for router in Lenovo laptop powered by Windows XP
  61. Bluetooth always ON in Dell laptop with Windows OS
  62. Writing issues with Nero on HP desktop with Windows 7
  63. Folder copying issues in Acer laptop with Windows
  64. Call alert issues on Windows Samsung phone
  65. Set up of router in Sony laptop running Windows
  66. How is Windows Server 2012 OS? Is the UI of the OS more like Windows 8? How is the performance of the OS?
  67. How is the new Internet Explorer 10 support in Windows Phone 8? Is it now better than the other browser like Firefox and Chrome?
  68. Why add-ons work and toolbars don’t work in windows 8 release preview?
  69. Unable to find newly installed application in windows 8 release preview
  70. Steps to shut down the computer using windows 8 release preview in all the ways?
  71. Any way to restore metro UI and start button in Windows 8?
  72. Windows 8 desktop wallpaper freezes and not shuffling
  73. Method of creating a new partition space with the help of Device Manager?
  74. Will Windows 8 support Windows on ARM (WOA)?
  75. Need help in undelete the detected restore points
  76. Do I need a Microsoft or hotmail or live account to install and enjoy all the benefits of windows 8 release preview?
  77. Aero is not running after installing windows
  78. Where to get and how to download Mac Bar for windows 7?
  79. How to create a wireless network from laptop to pc and vice versa?
  80. How can I check my system info?
  81. Location of control panel in windows 8 release preview?
  82. How can I close an application in windows 8 release preview?
  83. Where I can find the start button or start menu in windows 8 release preview?
  84. Is it possible to etrieve files from windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 release preview? How to do that?
  85. Steps to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Release Preview without loosing any data?
  86. Error 6025 on Windows Vista start up
  87. PC running on Windows Vista slows down while Photo Gallery displays TIFF image
  88. Disabling automatic search for network printers and folders on Windows XP
  89. Installing Microsoft Loopback Adapter in PC running on Windows XP
  90. Desktop icons not working on Windows 7
  91. Error 1721 on removing programs from Windows XP
  92. Making a folder private on Windows XP
  93. Error message on unplugging Blackberry from PC running on Windows XP
  94. How to edit a photo on windows computer?
  95. Internet explorer on windows computer shows a page cannot be displayed notification?
  96. Transferring the photos from camera to windows computer? Different methods for transferring
  97. Connecting internet on my windows computer using Nokia E 63 smart phone?
  98. What should I do to take a screen shot on my windows computer?
  99. Not able to delete preinstalled songs from Windows Media Player 12
  100. Windows XP restarts constantly without any reason
  101. Whether key is required to install windows 8 release preview? Is it available for free or we have to buy it? Since we are using key can't we consider it as full or genuine version?
  102. Compatible devices and programs with Windows 8 Release Preview?
  103. What is the image size of Windows 8 Release Preview? How long will it take to download having internet connection speed of 512 kbps?
  104. In how many languages the windows 8 release preview is available? Will it be possible to chnage the language into English after installation?
  105. Developer tools to build applications in windows 8 release preview
  106. In how many ways I can use the Setup of windows 8 release preview?
  107. From where I can buy or download the ISO image of windows 8 release preview?
  108. What should I do after downloading the setup of Windows 8 Release Preview?
  109. Windows 8 release preview installation steps and system requirements?
  110. Computer Restarts while using Visual Studio 2010
  111. Which type of Operations can be performed using Task Scheduler in windows 7?
  112. How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?
  113. How to display more folders in a tree view of Explorer in windows 7?
  114. Laptop Sound getting Lost every time and comes only after performing a Restore
  115. Internet Explorer is not working in my Windows PC
  116. What can I do to have a better view of the texts? How to overcome the blurry text in my Laptop with Windows 7?
  117. I am using my Windows XP for a very long time but now I am getting an warning message saying that I have not activated and that I am victim of counterfeit software but I already have a key as I have a Genuine OS.
  118. Windows PC is not booting properly, I am getting an error in the prompt saying “Operating System not found”
  119. My WIndows XP OS is not booting, it goes to the startup screen where it loads up and from there it restarts, What is the problem? How to resolve it?
  120. What to do if my Webcam microphone is not working in Windows PC? What should be the problem? How to solve this?
  121. From where I can I get the supports for windows 8 release preview?
  122. How can I provide feedback to Microsoft about the experience of windows 8 release preview?
  123. Is there any risk to install windows 8 release preview in my laptop in which windows 7 is currently installed?
  124. Whether Windows 8 Release Preview is ready for normal using like other Microsoft windows in desktops computer and laptops computer?
  125. “Windows 8 Release Preview” what does it mean? Is it just like complete version?
  126. Is it possible for me to become a Windows app developer? What all steps I have to take from now on being a B.Tech Computer Science Engineer?
  127. Am not able to certain softwares in Windows 7 which I use to run in my previous OS i.e Windows XP, What might be the problem? Is Windows 7 not supported with the working like Windows XP?
  128. My WIndows XP OS is not booting, it goes to the startup screen where it loads up and from there it restarts, What is the problem? How to resolve it?
  129. What to do if my Webcam microphone is not working in Windows PC? What should be the problem?
  130. What should I do if I am not able to connect to my Wireless Network to my broadband connection in my Windows 7 OS?
  131. What is the Ideal CPU temperature for a Laptop to work
  132. Getting an error “ Data error (cyclic redundancy check)” while trying to access the contents of an External Hard Disk
  133. What should I do If I am consistently getting error“One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency”
  134. Windows 7 shows 100% Cpu and RAM utilization even when no any programming is running
  135. Wi-Fi shows connected but Unable to use Internet
  136. How to use windows 7 Upgrade DVD in a system having windows vista?
  137. Does Internet Accelerator software actually enhances the Internet speed?
  138. Start button not responding in windows xp
  139. How can I solve problem related to Icon using IconCache.db file?
  140. Cut and Paste function sometimes works and sometimes not in windows 7
  141. Photo file problems with Lenovo laptop powered by Windows
  142. Predictive text input failed in HTC windows phone
  143. Sound issues with HP desktop with Windows XP
  144. ‘Windows not activated’ message on start up
  145. Settings changes after switching off Samsung Windows phone
  146. Hanging issues with LG windows phone on dialling
  147. Windows Photo Viewer issues in Samsung desktop
  148. New suite of apps for Windows phones
  149. Gaming problems in Dell notebook running Windows 7
  150. Auto message delivery issues in Nokia Windows handset
  151. Business card issues with Windows LG phone
  152. System time issues with HP desktop powered by Windows
  153. Mouse pointer disappearing issues in Lenovo laptop running Windows XP
  154. Camera settings issue with Nokia Windows phone
  155. Gaming problems with LG Windows phone
  156. Desktop icon issues with Samsung machine with Windows OS
  157. Audio issues with Samsung Windows phone
  158. Web cam issues with Acer laptop powered by Windows 7
  159. Voice echoing on Windows Nokia phone
  160. Taskbar issues with HP desktop running Windows
  161. Notifications keep flashing on Sony laptop with Windows 7
  162. Message issues with my Windows Samsung phone
  163. Text invisible issues on control panel on Samsung desktop running Windows XP
  164. Shut down issues with Dell laptop with Windows 7
  165. Issues with shared folder on Acer laptop with windows OS
  166. RAM upgrading in HP desktop powered by Windows
  167. Notification issues with HP desktop running Windows XP
  168. FM radio issues with Nokia windows phone
  169. Auto update issues with Lenovo laptop running Windows 7
  170. Message saving issues with Windows Nokia phone
  171. How to uninstall an application from HTC 7 Mozart?
  172. Unable to install Nokia PC Suite on PC running on Windows XP
  173. Autoplay not working while inserting CD on laptop running on Windows 7
  174. Deleting Outlook account from HTC 7 Mozart
  175. How to access ‘FM Radio’ on Samsung Focus?
  176. How to perform Hard Reset on LG Quantum?
  177. What has to be done for reading PDF documents on HTC HD7?
  178. Error 0x85010014 on syncing Outlook items from PC running on Windows 7 to HTC Touch Pro 2
  179. How to configure Wi-Fi settings on Samsung Omnia W 18350?
  180. Windows 7 PC not detecting Nokia Lumia 800
  181. Control Panel icons missing after upgrading to Windows XP
  182. Setting up a different ring tone for a particular contact on Samsung Focus
  183. Transferring music from iTunes in Mac computer to HTC Arrive
  184. Accessing Facebook account via Samsung Focus
  185. How to enable screen lock on Samsung Focus?
  186. Which is the best mobile for Windows Phone 8 HTC or Nokia? Which is the best in price and performance?
  187. What is the new app Wallet Hub about in Windows Phone 8? How to install and use this app?
  188. What all the resolutions size which are claimed to be supported in Windows Phone 8? Is it really going to support all type of resolutions?
  189. What are the best games in Windows Phone 8? List down the best Game apps in WP 8?
  190. Is the Windows Phone 8 apps compatible with Windows Phone 7 and 7.5?
  191. What is the new update for Windows Phone 7.5? Will Windows Phone 7.5 get the update for Windows Phone 8 or its for sure they are not going to provide?
  192. Is it true that Dell is not going to support Windows OS anymore for their laptops and PC? Why they have to take such a decision?
  193. What is the use of learning Windows Programming in B.Tech Computer Science course? It just have some basic Windows creation and so, how to learn extreme Windows Programming?
  194. Desktop Icons and shortcuts getting doubled every time after a Restart
  195. What types of files are represented by *32 extension
  196. Open Office not working properly in window 7
  197. Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down
  198. How to create an User Account in windows 7 such that it only support video and audio playing?
  199. How can I enable Fast User Switching in windows 7 ultimate?
  200. Why the file download manager opens when trying to view a feed in Internet Explorer 8?
  201. Desktop Shortcuts icons are missing after creating a new user account in windows 7 ultimate
  202. How can I stop PDF document preview from the internet browser?
  203. Steps to enable mini preview for images on thumbnail view using windows 7 ultimate?
  204. Disabling User Account Control in windows 7 ultimate and windows 7 professional
  205. Is it possible to register for the information of previous logon at the time of windows logon using windows 7 ultimate?
  206. How can I make the windows fax and photo viewer as a default viewer for Mozilla firefox in windows 7 professional?
  207. .exe file are not displayed in windows explorer after the avg pop up a virus attack
  208. Way to copy a file or folder location to windows clip board using command in windows 7 ultimate?
  209. Is there any way to hide favorite links and dialog boxes in internet explorer 8?
  210. How can I replace windows 7 ultimate search tool with other search tool?
  211. Creating back up for media files on Sony Ericsson Cedar
  212. How to perform speed dialling on LG GW550?
  213. Changing screen time out on LG GW550
  214. Changing the e-mail signature via HTC 7 Pro
  215. How to change the background of LG GW550?
  216. Syncing HTC 7 Pro with Google Account
  217. Mouse get frozen on PC running on Windows 7
  218. Creating restore points on Windows 7
  219. How to resolve error 80070641 occurred on installing updates on Windows Vista?
  220. Enabling lock code protection on Sony Ericsson Cedar
  221. Wrong album information in Windows Media Player
  222. Fixing Event ID 7001 error on Windows 7
  223. Uploading pictures on Facebook from HTC phone?
  224. How to enable Recording Audio Troubleshooter on Windows 7?
  225. How to enable GPS on HTC Arrive?
  226. Suggest me some websites from where I can download free icon packager software with valid registration key or with a patch.
  227. How to delete a file in my Windows PC when it says it’s used by another service or program? Is it possible to force delete those files as of Linux where we use “rm” command?
  228. Do Microsoft Windows 8 powered Tablet consists of 4G connectivity? Is the support given for it?
  229. Unable to access Portable devices in windows 7
  230. Getting an error message while Installing Programs in Windows Vista Home Premium
  231. MS-Office file open automatically when I run C# code in windows 7
  232. What will be the average battery life for the tablet running with Windows 8? Will it not drain the battery soon as Windows 8 OS is kind of heavy to run in a tablet?
  233. The windows frequently enters in Power Saver mode even when working
  234. What to do if windows displays “registry changes have been disabled by administrator"?
  235. How to enable Power Saver mode in windows 8?
  236. What is the difference in Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet and Microsoft Windows 8 Surface? Is both are different?
  237. Why the webpage navigator in internet explorer 8 was stopped when running disk defragmenter?
  238. Can I change the functions of sleep and hibernate buttons? How can I do so?
  239. Way to restore missing mouse pointer settings in windows 7 ultimate?
  240. Procedure to add "Run as" menu for .CMD and .BAT file extensions?
  241. Where I can find internet explorer icon in freshly installed Windows 7?
  242. How can I hibernate windows 7 ultimate using command line?
  243. Why the stored “User Names” and “Passwords" boxes are empty in internet explorer?
  244. From where can I download file association fixes for Windows 7 ultimate?
  245. How can I restore the disk defragmenter as all the buttons and menu options are not working?
  246. Steps to add links in "Send To" Menu using windows 7 ultimate SP1?
  247. How to enable the file extensions when we view the files in folders in Windows 7? Can you tell me the steps to do it?
  248. What is the reason for computer crashing with Blue Screen of Death? What all I should try when I get his problem? How to fix it?
  249. I am trying to activate my Windows 7 OS but it always throws an error with a code 0xC004F061
  250. Is it possible to shutdown my Windows PC automatically after some period of time? How to do it? Can you tell me the procedure to do it?