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  1. Which one is best Sony Playstation 3 or Windows Xbox Live? How much will a normal Windows Xbox costs in Indian market?
  2. How to use my Windows smartphone efficiently? Is there any tweaks which enables or increase the phone performance?
  3. Whether the PC games like NFS, Prince of Persia etc works also in Windows 8 OS? Will the new Windows Operating system supports games which we use to play in Windows XP and 7?
  4. Procedure to remove the security center alert from the notification area of taskbar?
  5. How I can fix the command prompt been disabled by administrator in windows 7?
  6. What is the procedure to remove a not valid icon in the control panel of windows 7 ultimate?
  7. How can I hide "My Network Places" from Windows Explorer using windows 7 ultimate?
  8. What are the difference between Windows Xp & windows 7 and 32 Bit OS & 64 Bit OS?
  9. What are the different kinds of printers that can be connected to a windows desktop computer?
  10. What are the different ways to conserve battery on a windows laptop?
  11. What are the various methods of alignment of paragraphs and sentences on the word file on a windows computer?
  12. What are the different kinds of modems that are available or the windows computer?
  13. How to insert a new font from the internet into my word file?
  14. Unable to send SMS through Nokia 603
  15. How to block a contact on Nokia Asha 303 chat application?
  16. How to set up Windows Media Player 11 as default media player on Windows XP?
  17. Creating short cut for Clipboard Viewer in Windows XP desktop
  18. Repairing the Network connection on Windows XP? Preventing the network fluctuation?
  19. Website is not opening even my internet speed is 10 Mbps
  20. How to resolve BSOD issue?
  21. How is the Dell Latitude Windows 8 tablet? What’s the price of it? Is it worth to buy it?
  22. Whether Windows 8 tablets will bring challenge to iPads or its just going to be another flop with the great hype?
  23. Microsoft India will give the upgrade to WIndows 8 just for Rs.699? Is this true or just another rumour?
  24. How to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail etc. in Windows 8? Will there be separate apps for it by default or we have to download from Windows store? or we should normally work only in the browser?
  25. How well the Asus Windows 8 based tablets will be? Is it worth to buy Asus Windows 8 tablets? How much it will cost normally?
  26. Why should one must use Windows Operating system when Linux is available for free? What are the reasons behind using Windows OS when Linux is there as a Open Source operating system?
  27. How to Partition the Hard Disk without using any software after Installing windows 7?
  28. What are the new features that are included in Windows 8? When this version of windows is going to be Released?
  29. Getting an Error Your PC's CPU isn't compatible with Windows 8 while Installing Windows 8 Release Preview? What is the solution of this Error?
  30. What will be the System and Hardware Requirement to Install Windows 8 after launch?
  31. How one can Monitor what their children see online using windows 8?
  32. Why right-click is so slow when any network connection is enabled in windows 7 professional?
  33. Procedure to restore Boot.ini tab from MSCONFIG using windows 7 ultimate?
  34. What is the procedure to print Windows search results in different types of file extensions?
  35. How can I direct jump to a registry in windows XP professional?
  36. How can I reinstall help and support service in windows xp professional?
  37. From where I can restore missing tabs of remote in windows XP professional?
  38. Is it possible to start history cleaning on every start up? How to do that?
  39. In how many ways can I manage internet explorer add-ons using windows 7 ultimate?
  40. What is the procedure to restore missing icons of windows XP professional Service Pack2?
  41. Procedure to disable Windows XP professional logo at startup?
  42. From where can I restore time zone in windows XP professional?
  43. Help and support service not started in windows 7 professional?
  44. What this error message means “missing Comdlg32.ocx” while running an application in windows 7?
  45. Details about repairing image file associations using windows 7 ultimate?
  46. How can I allow users to remotely connect to other user using windows 7 ultimate?
  47. How can I recover deleted files from the hard drive using windows XP professional?
  48. Video stuck issues on my Windows powered Toshiba laptop
  49. Repeated message sending with Windows powered phone HTC HD7
  50. Multiple antivirus software programs with Windows powered Toshiba laptop
  51. Charging indicator issues with Windows powered phone HTC HD7
  52. Disabling voice prompt with text message on Windows powered phone Samsung Focus 2
  53. Audio issues with my Windows powered Dell Inspiron laptop
  54. Deleting recipient from email history list in Windows powered Lenovo tablet
  55. Connecting webcam on Windows powered Dell desktop
  56. MMS issues with Windows powered phone Nokia Lumina 800
  57. Updating multiple photos in FB via Windows powered Lenovo tablet
  58. Setting screen time out on Windows powered phone Nokia Lumia 900
  59. Speakerphone issues with Windows powered phone LG Quantum
  60. Transferring files of one system to other via Windows Easy Transfer
  61. Internet connection through router on Windows powered Dell Inspiron laptop
  62. Slow charging issues with Windows powered phone Nokia Lumia 900
  63. Installing printer on Windows desktop
  64. Capacitive button issues with Windows powered phone LG Quantum
  65. Upgrading to higher version of Windows
  66. Screen rotation issues with Windows powered phone Nokia Lumia 900
  67. Invalid product key on Windows 7 activation
  68. Internet Explorer is not working it shows the Command "Internet Explorer has occurred some problems and a Close Internet Explorer Option Appears.
  69. Creating dual boot in C drive.
  70. How can I run another OS along with genuine OS in my system?
  71. What is Raid in operating system?
  72. Explain the file system in windows?
  73. When is the Windows Server 2012 version going to be released? Is it already released or yet to come? How much is the cost for it?
  74. How to enable Hibernate and Sleep option in Windows 8 Shutdown dialog box?
  75. What is the use of Storage Spaces feature in Windows 8? Is it something related to increasing the Storage performance?
  76. How to use the File History option in Windows 8? Is it a new feature in Windows 8?
  77. Is it possible to disable the lock screen in Windows 8? How to do it?
  78. How to resolve if the Windows Media Player is Corrupted?
  79. From Where to Download the Windows 8 Operating System Full Version for free?
  80. How to change the Operating System from Windows XP to Windows 7/Windows 8?
  81. What is the System Requirements essential to Install Windows 8 on my PC having following configuration?
  82. How I can remove the stored password of a Network?
  83. What does this error message stands for? How I can fix it using windows XP professional?
  84. Do I need to consult technicain if AVG is there in place of Windows Defender in newly bought laptop?
  85. How can I change the logon screen of Windows?
  86. Can I terminate dial-up connection using task schedule in windows XP professional? How to do that?
  87. How I can hide "My recent documents" using windows XP professional from start menu?
  88. Procedure to add a custom list of pictures in user account list of pictures?
  89. How I can copy file/folder location to Clipboard using windows vista professional?
  90. How to disable fast user switching system in windows vista?
  91. Simplest way to add quick launch context menu in Windows XP professional?
  92. Can quickly clear the cache in Internet Explorer using windows 7 enterprise?
  93. How I can disable registry editing by administrator using windows 7 ultimate?
  94. Can I configure windows 7 ultimate to loging automatically for multiple users?
  95. How I can register programs with "Open With”?
  96. Managing startup programs in Windows 7 Ultimate?
  97. How to Enable CD or DVD AutoPlay in windows XP professional?
  98. Transferring apps from Windows phone HTC Pure to a new phone
  99. Market place app not updating with Windows phone LG quantum
  100. MMS issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus S
  101. Players not working properly on Windows powered HP desktop
  102. Calendar issues with Windows phone HTC Pure
  103. Websites not opening with Internet Explorer on Windows powered Dell Inspiron laptop
  104. Getting my message back to me in Windows phone Samsung Omnia 652
  105. Gmail updates not showing on lock screen mode in Windows powered phone Lumia 900
  106. Windows powered phone LG Quantum overheats on use
  107. USB drive errors with Windows powered Dell Inspiron laptop
  108. What should I do to open my computer normally?
  109. Which is the best, reliable and affordable windows?
  110. How to activate Administrative tools in Windows 8? Can you tell me the steps to do it?
  111. How to install apps which is not only in Windows app store? that is how to install apps which are not inline with the Windows security in Windows 8 OS? Is that possible?
  112. How to view the only installed apps in Windows 8 metro screen?
  113. How is the Windows 8 Preview version results? Is it better than the previous version of Windows? or bad of all?
  114. Is there any app present in Windows phone like Siri in iOS and Iris in Android?
  115. Do Windows Phone 8 have the support for 1080p video quality?
  116. Is it possible to change the resolution in Windows phone like which we do in PC or so? How to do it?
  117. How can I disable hibernation from windows 7 ultimate?
  118. How can I add windows media center to auto play?
  119. Games installed in windows XP not supporting in windows 7 ultimate.
  120. How to unhide hidden files extensions stored in hard disk in windows 7 ultimate?
  121. How to get the location of process running in taskbar?
  122. Does Windows 7 ultimate or proffesional themes do change default icons?
  123. Unable to syn iPhone in Windows 7 Ultimate.
  124. What are windows Aero Snap irritations in windows 7 ultimate? Where to get it?
  125. Why windows 7 ultimate aero effect is not running in my desktop? Is it compatible with windows 7 ultimate?
  126. While opening DVD drive from windows 7 ultimate it’s giving message DVD can’t open?
  127. Why windows Vista upgrade hangs while updating? How to solve this problem?
  128. What types of games can I play on my Windows 7 computer?
  129. How to check if windows computer is having internet connectivity or not?
  130. Connecting the new windows 7 desktop computer to the internet?
  131. Will I be able to upgrade Windows XP computer to a Win 7 computer?
  132. Audio issues with Windows phone LG Quantum
  133. Windows phone LG Optimus 7 switches off while receiving calls
  134. Problems with front facing camera of Windows phone Lumia 900
  135. Phone calls automatically moving to speaker mode in Windows phone Samsung Omnia 7
  136. Windows phone LG Optimus 7 hangs off while deleting multiple messages
  137. Group messaging issues with Windows phone Lumia 900
  138. Front facing camera with Windows phone LG Quantum
  139. Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus
  140. Bluetooth not recognizing multiple devices on Windows phone LG Optimus 7
  141. Calendar issues with Windows phone Lumia 900
  142. Solution for hanging problem in laptop?
  143. Modem is not getting detected in Windows Vista.
  144. How to hack admin account from registry editor?
  145. Role of Kernel in OS? How doe it works?
  146. Volume bar is sliding down instead of going up.
  147. What is meant by Trouble Shooting?
  148. Task bar in Windows 7 Professional is showing as older method done in Windows XP.
  149. How to get rid of blue screen error in Windows 7 Ultimate installed system?
  150. Many applications are not working on PC having windows 7 and Intel corei5?
  151. How to use my Windows Laptop connected to a monitor? Is it possible to connect more than one monitor from one input i.e my laptop as the input?
  152. How can I add commands or tools on toolbar of Microsoft excel 2007?
  153. How to protect the bios with password protection?
  154. How to change VDU from normal LED to Projector in windows 7?
  155. How can I open two same files in windows 7 ultimate?
  156. Procedure to add more font styles in Microsoft word 2007?
  157. How to take out printout of selected items in excel 2007 sheet?
  158. What is Hyper Threading Technology in Micro Processors? Is it eigible run for gaming purpose in windows 7?
  159. Role of wireless markup system? Is it related to wireless network or Wi-Fi?
  160. Role of bandwidth in windows? Does it makes any difference in gaming experience?
  161. How worms are spread in the windows and how to stop them spreading in drives?
  162. Quick Heal Total Security is not updating.
  163. Heat and battery backup problem in laptop due to dual operating systems.
  164. How to revert back to un-highlighted icons in my desktop?
  165. How to solve the Chkdsk utility problem?
  166. What to do if windows CD is not installing in the computer?
  167. Internet is getting disconnected after using switch user option?
  168. System is asking for genuine windows and laptop is working slowly.
  169. How to change proxy address to access websites?
  170. What is the problem with HP laptop whose key pad is not working? How to solve this issue?
  171. Type of operating system questions asked by IBPS? Which topics are covered under operating system?
  172. What is the step by step procedure to troubleshoot my computer(windows 7 enabled) which is facing problem while trying to access my hard disk drives?
  173. When the next windows enabled phone will be launched by Microsoft? What extra features can we anticipate with that release?
  174. Comparing windows XP service pack 2 with windows XP service pack 3 which one will suit best for a small blog startup?
  175. Give the complete information about Windows XP black edition? Is it available Online to purchase? How much does it cost?
  176. What are the pros and cons of windows 8 operating system? Is it real that GUI(Graphic User Interface) is not as satisfactory than earlier version of windows?
  177. Which windows mobile would you suggest for a business person as per latest market trends?
  178. How to disable unnecessary graphics which is eating up my RAM? My computer is running with Windows Vista Ultimate Operating system.
  179. Tips for professional user to improve the performance of windows 7 operating system?
  180. What to do if I am unable to repair the error(file missing or corrupt) with the help of windows XP OS setup CD?
  181. What could be the reason for multiple restarts of my computer which is running with windows vista operating system?
  182. Is there any chance to get back the deleted Gmail account?
  183. Which are the various media players that are available for the windows computer?
  184. Which application on the windows computer helps in retrieving mails from various accounts?
  185. The screen getting stuck while playing a game on the windows computer?
  186. How to type if windows desktop computer’s keyboard crashes?
  187. Which application on the windows computer can be used to prepare notes and write ups?
  188. How is the performance of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8? Is there any improvement done in the browser?
  189. Which is the best Windows phone in the market? Cost and specification of that phone?
  190. ::EALP Results:: - WindowsDiscussions.com
  191. Is the BBC iPlayer app available in Windows phone? How much is that app cost from Windows store?
  192. How well the Windows new application “Undela” recovers the lost files? Is it better than the Recuva Recovery software?
  193. When is the Nokia Lumina 610 Windows phone going to be launched? What will be the version of the Windows in it? How much it's going to cost?
  194. Do Windows 8 support Adobe Flash in their official releaser or not?
  195. Will Windows 8 tunes its performance according to the size of the screen?
  196. Will Windows XP be completely vanished when Windows 8 comes to the market? Will it hold the customers which its already have?
  197. What is the cost for Dell Windows tablets? Is it going to better than all the other products in market with Windows?
  198. Is Windows Live mail better than the Gmail? What is the speciality in it?
  199. How to change my Computer Name in Windows PC? Procedure to do it?
  200. How to stop the Tomcat Web Server in my Windows PC?
  201. Is it possible to hack the Windows password? If so how to do it?
  202. How to increase the performance of my Windows Phone 7? Is there any apps which are exclusively available for increasing the performance Windows Phone 7?
  203. Windows 8 is targetted for which group among business professionals, home users and research students?
  204. Is Windows 8 Operating system powerful than Linux Operating system? Is W8 really worthy to switch from Linux?
  205. Can I get an upgrade for my 2007 OMAP windows operating system?
  206. Complete information regarding Beep codes with respect to windows operating system? What does it mean if my system is making 1 long beep and 2 small beeps?
  207. How to rectify the error occurred in Network Settings of my Computer which is running with Windows Vista Ultimate Licensed version?
  208. Why I am getting this error “ Inaccessible Boot Device” very frequently? How to get rid of this message?
  209. Is it possible to recover my task manager back which is been disabled in Windows XP?
  210. Is it a good choice to select a HTC windows phone rather than Samsung Android phone?
  211. How can I handle small OS problems myself? Do I need to learn something else to handle such situations?
  212. What are the hardware requirements to install a fresh copy of Windows 8 operating system 62 bits in my computer?
  213. How to remove a virus named “svchost.exe” from my windows 7 operating system enabled computer with the help of command prompt?
  214. What are the hardware components to have a video conversation with friend through the windows computer?
  215. What should I do to protect my windows computer from getting affected by malware?
  216. How to verify whether USB flash drive that is just connected to windows laptop is detected by the system or not?
  217. Is it possible to remove the preferred wireless networks from windows laptop?
  218. What built-in software can be used to draw a painting on windows 7 desktop computer?
  219. Which are the built in games available on windows 7 basic desktop computer?
  220. What are the specifications of HTC Windows phone Mozart?
  221. What are the various actions possible with shut down button on the windows XP computer?
  222. Displaying weather information for a location on windows 7 Acer laptop?
  223. How can I get the desktop windows computer connected to a wireless network?
  224. How to reduce heat from HP 550 laptop?
  225. What are the steps to make partition of hard disk?
  226. How to create the voice password in windows 8 operating system?
  227. How to make partitions of hard disk other than through operating system’s installation procedure?
  228. How to install the missing operating system files manually from a XP installation CD?
  229. What is the difference between licensed software versions and cracked software versions especially in operating systems? Additional features for users of licensed software versions?
  230. How to locate the overheating problem with my system? Is there any defect in System hardware or Operating system?
  231. What steps should I follow to speed up my Windows Vista Operating system?
  232. Why my system is not performing consistently after installing cracked version of Windows XP?
  233. What is the difference between window 7 ultimate operating systems and Windows 7 Home premium operating system?
  234. Check list before installing a fresh copy of windows 7 operating system?
  235. What to do if I am seeing the following error message while installing XP operating system?
  236. List of all operating systems of windows? Which is the best one among them? Why?
  237. Connecting a wireless mouse to dell windows 7 desktop computer?
  238. What should I do to adjust the time shown on my windows computer?
  239. Easy short cuts for shutting down a windows computer?
  240. What is the function of the windows key on my keyboard?
  241. Common short codes while using the application MS Word?
  242. What should I do to remove installed software on my windows computer?
  243. How can I create a user account on my windows laptop?
  244. Creating a new folder on the desktop of my windows computer?
  245. What should I do to set a static IP on the windows 7 computer for the LAN connection?
  246. Is windows media player the best music player for my windows 7 computer?
  247. What are the features of the windows phone from Nokia?
  248. Connecting the Windows computer to the internet using a USB modem?
  249. How can I create a presentation on my Windows 7 HP desktop computer?
  250. What are the ways to adjust the volume on my Acer laptop which is running on Windows & home version?