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  1. What should I do if the game gets stuck while playing on my windows computer?
  2. Which is the best internet browser compatible with Windows 7 computer?
  3. What are the specifications of the Nokia windows phone Lumia 800?
  4. Changing the display name assigned to windows 7 home basic computer?
  5. Shortcuts which are used on a windows computer?
  6. Setting up desktop wallpaper for Windows 7 computer?
  7. How to control over heating of laptop having windows 7 ultimate installed on it?
  8. What is .INF file in windows 7 ultimate and it useful for windows?
  9. How to create local area network connection using switch in windows 7 ultimate?
  10. Which is the best app in Windows Phone for map as like Google Maps in Android Phones? List the best apps for finding locations and places?
  11. Is Spotify app for Windows Phone good for music? or is there something else which is better than the Spotify app for Windows Phone?
  12. How well is the Windows 8 Virtual keyboard is designed? Is it better than in iPad?
  13. In what way can I remove the entries in the Uninstall window list?
  14. Can I install Chrome OS on my laptop having Windows 7 Professional installed in it? Will there be any issue in this type of dual boot?
  15. What makes Windows one of the most famous operating systems of the world?
  16. Whata are the uses of Linux and how it is different from Windows?
  17. What are the difference between Assembler, Compiler and Interpreter? How they are related to Windows?
  18. Unable to open any website in Windows Vista Home Basic.
  19. Is it possible to do a dual boot between Windows Vista and Windows 7? How to do it?
  20. Is it really true that Windows 8 going to remove the support to play DVD movies?
  21. Which is better between Windows 8 on intel and Windows 8 on ARM (renamed as Windows RT)? What is the major difference between them?
  22. Is it possible to change the password of our different user without logging into the user account in WIndows? How to do it?
  23. How to change my Windows 7 logon screen in my PC?
  24. How to fix my USB drive in my Windows System? Its not able to read the drive automatically whenever I attach a USB stick?
  25. Information about worms? How to cure my computer against warms without any antivirus software?
  26. What is .DLL file in windows 7 ultimate? How it is useful for windows?
  27. Windows 7 Home Basic is asking for my permission with a name of the program plus .EXE
  28. What is updating in Windows? What exactly it has to do woth my computer? Should I update my windows and antivirus?
  29. What is the difference between backup and recovery? What should I create for my Windows backup or recovery?
  30. What is Data Warehouse? Is it related to Windows or any other OS?
  31. What is GUI and when it was invented? Who invented it?
  32. How can I add gadgets other then those comes with windows 7?
  33. What is XPS viewer in windows 7? How it works?
  34. In what way I can manage LED brightness fluctuation in my Laptop having Windows 7 Professional installed in it?
  35. Does GPU over heating do affect in the performance my windows 7 ultimate?
  36. How can I check my processor family in windows 7 ultimate?
  37. Is the Windows Phone 7 update to Windows Phone 7.5 ( Mango ) version is for free or it costs some money? What’s new in the update?
  38. Which is the best software in Windows to secure the files and hide it from the system?
  39. What is bloatware? What does it mean that Windows 8 is pre-loaded with bloatware?
  40. Is Finaly Fantasy game available for Windows Phone? How much the app cost for Windows Phone?
  41. Which graphics card is compatible to GTA IV in windows 7?
  42. How to format windows 7 sp1 in my desktop without losing my stored data?
  43. What is direct X and how it helps windows? Latest version of direct X compatible with windows 7 ultimate?
  44. How can I check my CPU temperature in windows 7 professional? Wheteher any software is required for it?
  45. How can I change the language of my on screen keyboard in windows 7?
  46. How can I make “AUTO FILTER” system in Microsoft excel 2007 in windows 7 home premium?
  47. How dedicated and integrated graphics are difference from each other? Best company for rich graphics enabled laptop?
  48. What is the difference between Laptop with HD video quality and Laptop with FULL HD video quality?
  49. What is required to play HD games CPU or GPU?
  50. Is is possible to make a .RAR file password protected? How to do that?
  51. Is it possible to change the icon of drives in Windows 7? Whether I have to download or change the theme for the same?
  52. What is the shortcut for windows media player in windows 7? Is there any or I have to create it?
  53. How can I create a link of my drives in my start menu?
  54. Shortcut for on screen keyboard in windows 7?
  55. How can I create movie from pics I have in my desktop using windows 7?
  56. How to remove the entries in the Uninstall window which is not removed even a uninstall is done before?
  57. How disable the automatic updates in Windows 7?
  58. How to map a Network drive in Windows 7? Can you tell me from where to do that? How to do it?
  59. Is there any third party softwares available in Windows to connect to different computers and share files in the same time chat too? How to use it?
  60. What to do to avoid Invalid or Non System Disk Error?
  61. Where to get the driver of fingerprint reader for Windows 7 for my HP laptop?
  62. What is Windows Server OS? For what it is used? What is the difference between Windows Server and a normal Windows OS?
  63. Will the cost of Windows tablet will be more than iPad or its less than that? How will be the performance of Windows tablet when compared with iPad?
  64. How can change the sensitivity of my mouse in Windows 7?
  65. How can I hide my files and folder like windows system files?
  66. How can I sign an application so windows 7 don’t take permission from me before executing?
  67. What is the shortcut for “mute” in windows 7?
  68. How can I change my cursor color in windows 7 Ultimate?
  69. Does defragging registry do boost windows performance? How can I defrag my registry using windows 7?
  70. What is the procedure to create a batch file which can delete my temp files and other unnecessary file from my computer?
  71. How to protect the excel sheet of Microsoft office 2007 with a password?
  72. How can I use my face as windows logon password in Windows 7?
  73. How to connect a different machine from my Windows PC? Is it possible to do that?
  74. Is it possible to reduce the time limit which shows in the initial screen of the dual boot list? How to do it from Windows system?
  75. How to set Environment variables in my Windows PC? Can you tell me the procedure to do it?
  76. How to remove the autorun.inf virus from USB pen drive in my WIndows system?
  77. Which is the best software to restore files in Windows system? Can you tell where to download and how to use the software?
  78. What is meant by safe mode in Windows? How to boot in Safe mode?
  79. How can hibernate my computer when I close my LID in windows 7?
  80. It is possible to use MAC OS in Windows 7? What is the procedure for the same?
  81. How can I bring recent button in my start menu in windows 7?
  82. Connecting a FAX machine with a desktop.
  83. How can I change my user password if I have forgotten the user password without formatting the computer?
  84. How can I change the font styles automatically if the conditions meet in Microsoft excel 2007?
  85. Whether Microsoft Word provide any feature to translate english into any other language or I have to download any software?
  86. What is the difference between a switchable graphics and a cross fire graphics?
  87. Way to disable USB devices in Windows 7 Ultimate?
  88. How to make a print out from a printer which is installed in the fourth computer from local area network?
  89. How can I stop the games on my desktop without uninstalling them?
  90. Does laptop in sleep mode consume any current or can it shortened my battery back up?
  91. From where to update BIOS? Should I have to download it from somewhere?
  92. How can I convert a video file to different extension in windows 7 operating system?
  93. How can I run all the video extension from windows media player in windows 7?
  94. Why sometimes my keyboards don’t works in my laptop?
  95. How newer versions of Windows is better then older versions?
  96. How can I install driver without .EXE setup file with the .INF file in Windows 7 Enterprise?
  97. What is a virtual drive in windows? How to install it on Windows 7 Ultimate?
  98. How to make chrome as my default browser in windows 7 Professional?
  99. Why the rating of i3 processor and i5 processor are same in windows 7?
  100. How can I create a LAN network with two computers from windows 7?
  101. What is difference between windows 7 ultimate, premium and professional?
  102. How much space do I need to install windows 7 in my laptop?
  103. Can I upgrade Windows Excel 2007 formula tab in Windows 7 Home Premium?
  104. Windows media player skins in windows 7?
  105. Can I hide and unhide one folder or drive at a time in windows 7? How I can do so?
  106. Is it possible to send emails on a particular date and time through Microsoft Excel? How to do that?
  107. How can I schedule disk clean up in windows 7 Enterprise and Professional editions?
  108. How can I make a new drive by reducing the space of an existing drive in windows 7?
  109. Why some sound driver does not get installed in windows 7?
  110. What are additional features in Microsoft office 2007 & 2010? Which one is better?
  111. What is Physical Dumping in Windows 7?
  112. How can I disable registry to avoid hacking?
  113. How C++ runtime helps windows 7 to run many program?
  114. What is java runtime in windows 7?
  115. What does service pack do in windows 7?
  116. What are the main features of windows 7 which are not found in windows XP?
  117. What is SLIC 2.1? Does it really important to activate windows 7?
  118. Is it good to run two ant viruses at a time in windows 7?
  119. How can I change brand OEM in Windows 7?
  120. Can windows back up and restore feature will keep the back up of my hard drive and restore all stored data?
  121. How to create a windows recovery disk on pen drive or hard drive?
  122. How to create a new command in windows speech recognition?
  123. Where to find support for Windows 8?
  124. What is windows 8 preview version? How does it works?
  125. Is windows 8 power efficient?
  126. Is there any windows store available in Windows 8?
  127. Does windows 8 has it own malware protection?
  128. Where to get more details about Windows 8?
  129. What difference Windows 8 consumer preview has from earlier preview version?
  130. Does Windows 8 include arm version?
  131. Where to get windows 8 beta version?
  132. What are the changes carried out from Windows phone 7.5 (Mango) to Windows phone 8? Will there be huge difference when comparing with the performance, security and efficiency or its going to be the same?
  133. Intel Windows 8 tablet going to be released on November of this year? Is that true or just a rumour?
  134. Will the Windows Phone 7 be given for Windows 8 upgrade? Or we have to buy a new handset with Windows 8 OS?
  135. When Nokia going to release the first ever Windows phone 8? What will be the cost of the handset?
  136. Will Windows phone 8 beat iPhone 5? Which is the best as of now? When they are going to be released?
  137. Is skype available in Windows phone? Is it for free or it is paid for Windows Phone?
  138. What is the boot time for Windows 8? Is it slow like Vista or faster than all the versions?
  139. Whether Windows 8 upgrade will be for free of cost once it is official release as like Windows 7? or It will be charged?
  140. Avira Antivirus stopping most of my Windows process? What to do? Do I have to uninstall it from my Windows PC?
  141. Is the final changes done in Windows 8 Metro UI? What are the changes which is going to be carried from the Developers preview to the Official release?
  142. When Samsung going to release the Windows Phone Omnia M? How much will be the price of it?
  143. How to debug my Bit Defender Virus to make it work in my Windows PC?
  144. How to change the Autoplay option of my CD Drive in Windows 7?
  145. What is meant by batch files in Windows OS? How to create a simple batch file?
  146. How to export the Microsoft Outlook Address book?
  147. Is it necessary to do the windows update?
  148. How to get the IP and MAC information from my Windows PC? Are both the information will be same all the time or it will change?
  149. Do we have to install 3rd party Anti-virus software in Windows 8 OS? Or the Security feature is increased in Window 8 which doesn’t need any Anti-Virus to be installed?
  150. Can I update my Windows Phone 7.5 ( Mango ) version to Windows Phone 8 which is going to be released soon?
  151. When Windows Phone 8 going to be released? Which mobile will be good for Windows Phone 8 version?
  152. How to convert the partition to NTFS in my Windows PC? What's the use of converting the drive from FAT32 to NTFS?
  153. What is Sky Drive app in Windows 8? What is the use of it? How to use it?
  154. Whether Windows 8 OS can be integrated with Xbox? How to do it?
  155. Does Windows Internet Explorer supports incognito tab as like chrome and Firefox? How to enable it?
  156. How much RAM is supported by Windows 7 32 bit OS?
  157. Is it necessary to do Windows Update once in a while? We can disable it permanently?
  158. Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 OS gives the right performance report of our system? Is there any way to increase the index range by tweaking our PC?
  159. Do Windows 8 support USB 3.0 version? Do we have to install some external drivers to enable it or it comes along with the Windows 8 OS?
  160. How to create shortcut for the apps in Windows 8 Metro Screen?
  161. How to use the Soluto app in Windows 8 OS to connect systems remotely? What is the difference between a normal remote connection in Windows 7 OS and Windows 8 OS?
  162. Is it possible to increase the size of the Command prompt and the number of lines it shows? How to do it in the Windows system?
  163. How to make a Windows Genuine without spending money?
  164. How to put graphical password in Windows XP?
  165. How to put voice password in Windows XP?
  166. Unable to download anything in Chrome?
  167. Display driver could not supported error in Windows?
  168. Minimum and maximum memory details for followings?
  169. Are drivers available for windows 8 available?
  170. Do I need a touch screen for windows 8?
  171. When Windows 8 will be available for purchase in India?
  172. What are the problems while installing Windows 8?
  173. Is consumer preview version available for all individual to try it?
  174. What is Silverlight application software of Windows? What is the use of it? Is it still in development stage or out for full use?
  175. How efficient is the Multi Monitor setup in Windows 8? Have they introduced something new in this version?
  176. Will Windows 8 enable the Parents to track the internet use of kids? How it really happens?
  177. Is it possible to update my current version of Windows 7 to Windows 8? Will it delete my previous files which in the system?
  178. Mozilla Firefox browser is banned in Windows 8 OS? Why they have to do that?
  179. Is there any new changes going to be added in the official Windows 8 release than which is in the Windows 8 developer preview? What are the changes going to be done?
  180. Is it possible to run Windows Application on the Mac PC? How to do it?
  181. Which is the best Anti-Virus software to use in Windows OS? Name the latest top 5 Anti Virus software to use in Windows?
  182. What is GameSalad application? Can we really create Windows phone games using that software? How to use it?
  183. Windows Live SMS alerts feature going to discontinued soon? Why? What is the reason behind it?
  184. How many versions of Linux and Windows are available?
  185. What can I do to stop Disk Check cancellation during start up?
  186. As Windows 8 is mostly concentrated for touch screen devices, Will it be a good seller for the PC based systems?
  187. How well recovery options are handled in Windows 8? Do we still have the Blue Screen Of Death in Windows 8?
  188. Is Windows Intune v2 cloud based management software best for use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
  189. Is Windows Intune v2 cloud based management software best for use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
  190. How well recovery options are handled in Windows 8? Do we still have the Blue Screen Of Death in Windows 8?
  191. Is it possible to develop Windows app for Windows phone? How to do it? From where to start?
  192. What are the top 10 features of the new Windows 8 OS?
  193. Which OS is better in terms of security? Is it Windows or Linux?
  194. When will be the Windows 8 Tablet going to to be released? Is there any particular date which as given?
  195. Which search Engine is best Windows Bing or Google? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
  196. Name some of the good tweaking softwares for Windows 8 Developer preview release?
  197. How much will Windows 8 Tablet will cost which is going to be release in future? Which provider tablet will be good with Windows 8?
  198. How to use 4 digit PIN number to login into Windows 8?
  199. How to enable picture password in Windows 8? Is that option available in Windows 8 Developer preview version?
  200. Is it possible to disable the Metro screen from Windows 8 Developer preview version? How to do it?
  201. How to update my Windows Phone(7) to Windows Phone Mango version (7.5)? Can you tell me the steps to follow?
  202. How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8? Is that possible?
  203. How to increase speed of virtual PC
  204. What to do for installing softwares which are not supported by Windows 8?
  205. Software to connect to internet without wifi or any hard drive?
  206. How to delete history of VLC?
  207. What are the difference between Windows 7 ultimate, windows professional and window home basic?
  208. Why Windows XP not support two Yahoo IDs?
  209. Why websites are not blocked even tough personal VPM connect is there?
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  211. How to uninstall Windows 8 developer preview version from my PC?
  212. How well Windows 8 going to fight with Mac new “Mountain Lion” OS which is also going to be released by the end of year?
  213. When Windows 8 is going to be released officially? How much it will cost to buy a single user OS?
  214. Windows 8 OS supports ARM ( Advanced RISC Machine ) processor which are used in smartphones and tablets? How well it works?
  215. Is multitasking possible in Windows new OS version 7.5?
  216. Is it possible to create Windows 8 application? How should I do it? From where to start?
  217. What are the new features added in Windows 7.5 (Mango) version? Can you list me down the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 7.5 (Mango) version?
  218. Is it possible to upgrade Windows 7 phone to Windows 7.5 OS version? How to do it?
  219. Is it possible to add custom ringtone in my WIndows 7 phone?
  220. How to change and customize my Windows 7 phone? How to install new themes?
  221. How to add application in Windows 7 phone home screen?
  222. What are the disadvantage of Windows 7.5 mobile? What will be the important disadvantages of buying a Windows 7.5 mobile?
  223. How to install app from Windows Store in Windows 8 OS? Can you tell me the steps to do it?
  224. What is the minimum hardware specification needed to install Windows 8 in System?
  225. Can you tell me what are the five important reason to upgrade older version of Windows to Windows 8?
  226. What to do if I have installed the Windows 8 OS and changed lot of settings which am not able to revert back? Should I re-install the OS again?
  227. Can you list down the shortcut keys which are specially introduced in Windows 8 Operating System?
  228. How to open some application just by right click in Windows is that possible by doing some registry tweak?
  229. How to disable the notification balloons in Windows 7?
  230. How to disable the Windows update forcibly rebooting the machine?
  231. Is it possible to change the MAC address in my windows machine? How to do it?
  232. Is it possible to store the Windows login password in a USB drive or floppy drive encrypted to use it whenever I forget it?
  233. Is it possible to disable the search queries getting saved in Windows machine?
  234. Is it possible to add watermark in the MS 2007 word document? How to do it?
  235. How to convert the word file to pdf file? Is it possible to do it? How to do it?
  236. How to install Windows 8 with the help of USB? How to do it?
  237. How to change the Registered User information in my Windows PC?
  238. How to change the default folder from My Documents to some other folder? Is that possible in windows?
  239. How to debug the error or problem when my Windows 7 crashes? Is there any option available to do that in Windows?
  240. How to organize my files and folders in my Windows PC? Is there any software which can help me to organize my files?
  241. How to change the icons of folders and application manually in Windows?
  242. Is there any way to organize my Windows desktop? How to keep my desktop in order when there are 100+ files getting downloaded and stored in the desktop?
  243. How to rename a set of files with unique names in Windows?
  244. What is System Restore point? How to create a System Restore point manually in my Windows 7 PC and revert back whenever it is needed to that Restore point?
  245. How to burn ISO files into CD/DVD disk in Windows 7? Any kind of Software is required for the same?
  246. How to decrease the time of shutdown for my Windows PC?
  247. How to merge two partition in Windows? or create a new partition?
  248. Which softwares I can use to clean up my windows PC?
  249. Which is the best software in Windows to protect files and folders?
  250. Why is Windows Registry is used? Is it ok if I change the settings from Registry?