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  1. How to increase the performance and boot time of Windows system which is very slow now a days?
  2. What does windows 64 Bit means? What the use of installing Windows 7 64 bit than 32 bit OS?
  3. What to do if my temporary files folder files up very quickly and its taking most of the space everytime?
  4. What is meant by Defragmentation in Windows? Is it necessary to do it? How to do the defragmentation?
  5. How to use Search Indexing in WIndows 7 OS?
  6. How to create a recovery disc for my Windows 7 PC?
  7. How to install WIndows 8 Developer OS in my PC?
  8. How to recover my files in my Windows Machine?
  9. How to create a recovery disc for my Windows 7 PC?
  10. What is the usage of Backup & Restore function given in Windows 7? How to use it?
  11. How to fix Windows OS if its got corrupted with some files?
  12. Windows 8 installation needs a product key?
  13. Am not able to use the Virtual Ware software in Windows 8 OS, What to do now?
  14. How to shutdown my Windows 8 PC?
  15. Can I do Windows 8 update in the Beta version? How to do it?
  16. Where to check the recently opened apps in Windows 8?
  17. How to change the start up screen colour or Windows 8?
  18. Unable to close the apps open in Windows 8? Will it consume all the memory instead of increasing the performance?
  19. Is this new Windows 8 Metro-Style Start screen better than the Classic UI screen of Windows 7?
  20. Which are the 10 shortcut keys to make Windows 7 easier?
  21. How to set-up MS-Access DB in Windows 7 64 bit OS?
  22. Which is the best stable Windows Mobile phone available?
  23. Whether Windows Mobile 6 support capacitive touchscreens or not?
  24. Whether Windows Media Center runs on the non professional version of windows 8 or not?
  25. What is the procedure to install Windows 8 in classic mode with start button?
  26. Whether a non professional computer user will be able to fix Windows 8 problem on their own?
  27. Whether any specific enhancement have been added for supporting Multiple Monitors in Windows 8 or not?
  28. Is it true that Windows 8 have two different UIs in one Operating System?
  29. Whether Windows 8 can be termed as a tablet or a desktop operating system?
  30. Is it possible to change Windows 8 start menu to Windows 7 style? Is yes, then what is the procedure?
  31. How to examine and solve the stability problems in Windows Mobile?
  32. How to remove Windows Problems Stopper?
  33. How to remove this error message from system - STOP 0x00000073 CONFIG_LIST_FAILED?
  34. How to remove this error - RUNDLL32.EXE - Entry Point Not Found?
  35. How to recover deleted files of a Local Drive after formatting it?
  36. How to open files in correct program as on double click files are opening in program that cannot view it?
  37. How to resolve Control Panel problems?
  38. How to restore the User Account settings?
  39. What is the procedure of deleting existing Wireless Network from system?
  40. How to change the resolution of Safe Mode?
  41. How to change Menu position from left to right in Windows Vista?
  42. Incorrect function error is displaying?
  43. Keyboard Alphabets are being interchangeably entered after installing Windows 7 on my PC?
  44. Which antivirus is the best for Windows 7 Professional to detect the latest of all the viruses?
  45. Processor of which brand is more efficient for Windows 7 Home Premium AMD or Intel?
  46. My PC is getting overheated most of the time?
  47. The data is invalid occurring all the time?
  48. Not enough storage is available to process this command error?
  49. Unable to perform more than one task at a time in my computer?
  50. How to remove the error message - Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition?
  51. How to enable Hibernate Option in Windows 7 OS?
  52. How to change the settings of Power Button in Vista Startmenu?
  53. How can I reset my Windows Administrator Password?
  54. My system does not have the 'mspaint.exe' file? What could be the reason?
  55. How to enable the show hidden files/folders option?
  56. Is it possible to reset the BIOS password?
  57. How to stop Scandisk running at the startup of computer?
  58. What is the procedure to change the default OS in Windows Boot Loader?
  59. How to remove the startup error message - \system32\hal.dll file missing?
  60. My Documents/My Computer is opening automatically at Windows Startup? How to solve this problem?
  61. How to remove 'Cannot find copy.exe' error?
  62. How to restore SULFNBK.EXE file?
  63. How to stop getting this error message "Explorer has caused an error in COMCTL32.DLL. Explorer will close"?
  64. Microsoft Windows Update function is not working on my computer?
  65. How to deal with the windows system performance problems?
  66. How to solve the "Access Denied Error" problem from my system files?
  67. Provide solution to the "PC keeps rebooting" problem?
  68. System Restore funtion is not working on my PC?
  69. How to remove all traces of an old printer from PC?
  70. Search engine of my windows not working?
  71. Unable to access the Internet Explorer?
  72. Error installing Halo2 PCDVD?
  73. Not enough storage is available to complete this operation message occurring?
  74. How to fix Blue Screen error?
  75. System sometimes restarts without warning and displays the following error codes?
  76. Got an error while trying to forward an Email?
  77. My computer keeps restarting itself after login?
  78. Klite codec conflict with media player?
  79. Upgrading from windows xp to vista shutting down the computer?