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    Sleep mode redirect windows vista computer to shutdown

    I have an HP computer which has windows vista and i am working on it from last 3 years. Now it had started behaving in strange manner. Now sleep mode is not working properly. When it goes to sleep mode, computer moves to shut down state. I am not able to control its behaviour.Do you know, how to do that?

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    Re: Sleep mode redirect windows vista computer to shutdown

    You are not able to control this behavior due to lack of knowledge. You can fix this issue simply by running "sfc /scannow" in command prompt. It is an inbuilt tool which fixes minor issues automatically. If it failed for you then open Power options. For doing the same, open Control Panel. In control panel, click on "System and Maintenance>> Power settings". On Advanced setting tab, you need to expand the Power buttons and lid. After that click on Power button action. This step will configure the action performed by power button. Once done, click on "Settings" and then select sleep otion and follow the onscreen instructions accordingly. Finally click on "Ok" and enjoy.
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    Re: Sleep mode redirect windows vista computer to shutdown


      • 1Click the "Start" button, click "Control Panel" and then open the "Power Options" section.

      • 2Click "Change plan settings," click "Change advanced settings" and then expand the "Sleep" section by clicking on the plus symbol.

      • 3Click "Sleep After" and then set both options to "Never."

      • 4Click "Allow hybrid sleep" and then set both options to "Never."

      • 5Click "OK" to apply the settings. Sleep mode is now disabled.

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