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    Slow disk writing in Windows XP

    I have Windows XP operating system installed in my pc. From few days when I am trying to write any DVD, then it takes too much time to write on it. I used lens cleaner cd to clean the lens but it didnít works. So please tell me how to solve this problem.

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    Rajat Array
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    Re: Slow disk writing in Windows XP

    Hi Friend,
    First of all check that you have installed an excellent disk writing software in your pc. some example of disk writing software are Nero, Ultra ISO Daemon Tool etc. and also check that DVD in which you are writing is of good quality or bad quality. and the data you are writing that is in good condition?
    I hope my suggestion was helpful.

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    Re: Slow disk writing in Windows XP


    for this need to update your DVD drive driver..

    And check your External DVD then also facing same issue..

    Need to check your dvd properly installed or not..

    And it's properly working or not..

    Trace the problem with above instructions..

    resolve your problem..

    Thank you.

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    Re: Slow disk writing in Windows XP

    Hello Friend,

    It seems to me there is either some issue with your DVD drive or burning software. You should first check whether your DVD drive lense is working fine or not. generally, if there is some issue with your DVD Drive lense the dvd writing tends to go slow. So you should check that first. Now, you should install a good quality DVD writing software such as Nero or Clone to your PC and write something to a blank DVD medium. If you continue to face the same issue then you should call a technician from a near by computer store to your home and let him check your DVD drive.


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