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    Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    I have just bought a new windows tablet but the touch response seems to get slow after using it for some time. Is it that there is some undergoing background process that is making the touch response slow? I canít figure it where is the problem is it hardware or software issue? Please help?

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet


    Sometimes this kind of problem occurred due to these reasons...

    ====>Your Tablet was hang due to heavy loading condition.
    ====>Due to Internal memory fragmentation.
    ====>One of the installed app making this kind of issue.
    ====>Due to virus file.

    To solve that problem try these steps...

    ====>Restart your Tablet sometime this action make your device as smooth as can.
    ====>Search the corrupt installed app.
    ====>Uninstall that app and re-install again.
    ====>Now try to work with Tablet.
    ====>If you still have an issue than try next step.
    ====>Reset your Tablet.
    ====>Resetting procedure will fix all the issue.
    ====>After resetting you will get proper response.

    Try this i hope this will help you...........

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    gauravgpt Array
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    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    Hello friend..

    this problem can be through both hardware or software because if you install the most of apps in the tablet so it give a slow response so you need to remove/ uninstall the unused app and file in the table..

    if your tablet not full that means it is hardware problem then you go to service center and here you show your tablet then they check it...

    all the best!!

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    Dear Friend!!
    It is due to many processed running background.
    Actually when you close any app, they get minimized and do not get exited.
    You have to open your task manager and then exit the application processes running in phone.
    There is also an option to clear RAM as in Android phones.
    Clear the cache as well and restart the phone so as if some important processes that ended un intentionally get on work.
    And your phone will be fast enough not to hesitate in touch interface.

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    Smile Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    Hi friend,

    See,this is happening because of a virus attack on your tablet.
    As a result the tablet is responding slowly to your commands.

    I will advice you to scan your tablet with a good antivirus.
    Once you'll do this,then everything will be back to normal!


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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet


    The problem you are encountering is in general a problem of many angles gather under one umbrella.

    Most of the time hardware conflicts create the situation. Mostly the memory creates problem owing to it`s defect or wrong installation.

    The Internal RAM is in form of NAND RAM and the chip can be defective to create such a situation.

    There can be many number of apps which are installed in the tab, which takes a remarkeable time to load and makes the tab a solth.

    Being Windows Operated Tab it is prone to virus, that is also a reason for what you are experiencing.


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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: Slow response of touch function in Windows Tablet

    there are following reason to your problem
    1. heavy softwears
    2. virus problem
    3. ram problem
    scan your windows tablet...
    i hope your problem will solved....

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