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    Slow slide show view in Microsoft Powerpoint in Windows 8

    I am using Windows 8 operating system with 3GB RAM and i3 processor. From last week when I had made powerpoint presentation file with animation and after completion when I complete and seeing the slide show I am getting that I have faced slow speed presentation. I had checked the same presentation file in another Windows 8 operating system, that file is working smoothly. Please tell me why I am getting this type of problem and also suggest me way to solve this problem.

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    Re: Slow slide show view in Microsoft Powerpoint in Windows 8

    *Regarding this problem*

    *you can open your system with administrator user..
    *delete temporary files in your system(like choose run comment type: %temp%), select and delete all temp files..
    *better you can access one application at a time,
    *not access or open multiple application one at a time..
    *it reduce your system speed..

    *may be virus are affected you system means.
    *it also one of the reason to reduce system process speed..
    *better update your system anti virus.

    *better you re-install the MS OFFICE ONCE AGAIN.
    it surely help you all the above instruction.

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