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    Slow start up in Windows 7

    I have been using Windows 7 in my laptop since I bought it. Recently the performance of my system has become very slow. It takes much time to start up. Why is this happening?

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    AJAY Array
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    Re: Slow start up in Windows 7

    If you are having problem in the windows 7 with a slow start up..Then i will solve your problem ...
    You just see what i do....
    First of all selection of the start-up mode and then clear all except required or necessary executable's to run..and also look for any item it the start-up that do not make sense and look abnormal, Now those are viruses that made it into your system files...Please just check it..
    then unchecked all of those and then reboot your system..
    Now just see your system ..how it runs.
    And one thing more to do that take a note for the virus and spyware(write down them),
    and then boot into safe mode and attempt to delete them.
    Now your system will be new..It works like a new computer..
    Hope you like that information...
    Thank You...

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Slow start up in Windows 7


    Slow executions or long duration of programs are a common features in case something has gone wrong or at least a tweak is necessary at times.

    The slow operations are caused because of :

    1. a whole lot of installation necessary and unnecessary programs, removing those no necessary will make the system work smoothly.

    2. virus infection can be a reason, clean the system and it will be okay.

    3. virtual memory or page file settings can affect the speed of execution, tweak that and watch the change.

    4. use very little TSR (terminate and stay resident) programs and discard any cosmetic programs.

    5. use disk cleanup, then defrag every fortnight to clean and continuous file and space management.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Slow start up in Windows 7

    I am going to list 10 main things that you can do to increase perforamance of your system when you are using window7 or xp

    1. Scan Your PC for Malware

    2. Defragment Your Hard Disk

    3. Detect and Repair Disk Errors

    4. Disable The Search Index Service

    5. Cut Down on Background Applications

    5a. Disable Windows Sidebar Gadgets

    5b. Diable Startup applications

    6. Optimize Visual Effects


    7. Turn off Windows Aero

    8. Disable Your Wireless Internet & Bluetooth


    9. Keep Your Computer Cool

    10. Uninstall Unneccessary Programs

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    Re: Slow start up in Windows 7


    First you have to doing one thing uninstalled scraps and deleteing
    unused files and than off windows firewall because it is download unnecessery files and than
    delete you temprory files i think its helpful for you if than its not working fine than check you ram because
    some times it also create a big problem

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    sai charan Array
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    Re: Slow start up in Windows 7

    Hello Friend,

    I will help you to solve your problem k, don't worry just follow my steps k.

    1.Go to file hippo.com k.

    2.Now download the latest version of tune up uitlities k.

    3.Now install it into your hard drive k.

    4.Now run the program k.

    5.Now goto one of it's menu and select an option to make your system start and shutdown faster k.

    All the best.............

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