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    So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    Thanks for solving my previous problem. I am very thankful to you all.This time, I am facing some minor problem with my windows 7. Actually it takes more than normal time to open. When i start my windows 7, so many Programs starts automatically which is the probably the cause of slow down of system’s performance on start-up. Can you do something to fix it.

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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    You mean to say that so many programs starts automatically when your windows starts.If I am understanding you right then you have enabled so many programs on Start Up.That is probably the reason why these applications open automatically.Don’t worry ,you can fix this issue by disabling these Application from “Start up”.To do so following the below given steps:
    • Open “Run command” by simply pressing “Windows Key +R”
    • Now type “msconfig” and hit “Enter” button.
    • Now click on “StartUp” tab. You will see the list of application which runs on your startup.Simply “Uncheck” the useless application. After this, press “Apply” and then “Ok”. Your problem will be solved.
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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    Hello guest !!

    just dont worry,your pc will start working fastly as it was working before.
    you need to stop your startup programs.
    so for stopping your startup programs,please do follow the given steps :-

    1.open run command (win+r).
    2.type >>msconfig >> ok
    3.a message will appear >> just click ok to continue.
    4. now a dialogue box will appear .
    5. there you will find Startup tab. >> click on that
    6. now disable all the programs that starts after booting os.

    note:dont disable any system startup files*

    now reboot your pc.
    you will find it in a great speed.

    hoope you are satisfied.

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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    Dear Friend!!
    there are many applications that are default configured to start itself when we start the windows like torrent, gmail etc.
    You need to go to setting of those applications, that auto start up, and uncheck the box which reads alike-"Start automatically on windows startup."
    Then restart your windows and check the problem should not occur.

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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    Hello Friend..

    This problem occur when your computer become a malware and spyware effective so you need to update and upgrade the antivirus then scan the whole computer..

    you can install and download the superantispyware antivirus this antivirus remove the all the malware and any other types of virus..

    click here to download the superantispyware


    after install the scan the whole computer if any spyware and malware effective it remove it..

    All the Best!!

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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7

    Hey, first of all you have to uninstall unwanted programs from your computer.. these programs not only occupy unwanted space but also hangs for minutes..

    i recommend you to use tuneup utilities to tune your system it is user friendly and you dont need to bother. you can also disable unwanted programs at startup by this software..

    there is one more option for disabling unwanted programs at startup just follow these steps..

    1) press windows key+R button to open run.

    2) type msconfig in run and press ok.

    3) in system configuration window that appear select selective startup from the General tab.

    4) Now click startup and then untick programs you want to disable at startup and press ok.

    5) a window will appear asking for restart just restart and all will be fine.........................

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    Re: So many Programs Opens Automatically after starting windows 7


    To stop programs run at Startup and increse the spped of program execution take the following steps:

    Click "Start" > "Performance troubleshooter" > "Control Panel" > In the search box, type "Troubleshooter" > "Troubleshooting" > "System and Security" > "Check for performance issues".

    It's always good uninstalling those programs you don't use. This includes both manufacturer-installed software and your installed softwares but don't use frequently.

    "AutoRuns" for Windows, a free tool that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Official website, displays all the programs and processes that run when Windows starts. You can stop a program from running automatically by opening the AutoRuns for Windows , then by unchecking the check box next to the program you want to stop.


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