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    Solution for “Cannot open AVI” Error while updating Spybot S&D Software

    I installed Spybot S&D Software in my Windows XP System. When I try to update it, I am facing the Error “Cannot open AVI”. I do not know what might be the problem. Please, anyone help me in solving the Error. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Solution for “Cannot open AVI” Error while updating Spybot S&D Software

    This Error is created by “Vista Transformation Pack” (VTP). It replaces Windows default AVI with the AVI of Vista and Spybot S&D. So, when you try to update it, it raises an error as it does not find the Windows default AVI to load. To solve the problem, uninstall the VTP and try to update. If you want to update with VTP, then reinstall it. But, uncheck the option “Vista Video Clips” during or while installing VTP. By doing this, there would be no error while you update Spybot S&D with VTP present in your Windows XP System. If you still face the error, then the Operating System is corrupted. You need to reinstall the genuine one and try to update.
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