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    Solution for “Devices and Printers” applet is empty issue

    I am using Windows 7 i my System. Whenever I try to open “Devices and Printers” applet, it seems to be empty. Even though I reconnected all the devices, to make sure that connection is not the problem. Please, help me in fixing the Issue.

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    Re: Solution for “Devices and Printers” applet is empty issue

    One of the reason might be Print Spooler has stopped working. It’s service has stopped due to some reason. Bluetooth Support might also failed. We need to fix them to fix the Issue.
    Follow these Steps,

    STEP 1: Click Start and type “Services.msc”. Hit Enter.
    STEP 2: Double Click on the “Print Spooler” and set it’s type to Automatic.
    STEP 3: Click on “Start” and “Ok”.
    STEP 4: This Starts the Service.
    STEP 5: Double Click on the “Bluetooth Support Service” and set it to “Manual”.
    STEP 6: Click on “Start” and “Ok”.
    STEP 7: This Starts the Service.
    STEP 8: Exit the Services.msc and it solves your Issue.
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    Re: Solution for “Devices and Printers” applet is empty issue

    Hii Friends...

    The main reasons of Devices and Printers applet show up as an empty folder...

    Print Spooler service is not running...

    Bluetooth support service is not running...

    And Missing dll registrations...

    For the enable Print Spooler and Blue tooth support service...

    Go to Start and click on Run ...

    Type there one command that is services.msc and press Enter...

    Double click on Print spooler and set it's start type to automatic...

    Double click on Blue tooth Service set it's start type to manual type...

    After click start for start the service...

    Next Registering the DLLs

    Go to start and click on RUN and open command prompt type there

    regsvr32"%ProgramFiles%\internet Explorer\ieproxy.dl"

    Execute this command... and Now finally Fixing the XML registration...

    For this purpose download msxml6.zip file and install it...

    Once restart the windows now check if devices and printer opens correctly...

    Thank you and All the best...

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