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    Solution for the Outlook Express Unknown Error “Cannot open Outbox”?

    I am using Outlook Express in my Windows System. But, I am facing some unknown Errors as “Cannot Open Outbox”. There are many unknown errors. I do not know how to fix it. Please, help me in fixing the Error.

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    Re: Solution for the Outlook Express Unknown Error “Cannot open Outbox”?

    Outlook Express has some Unknown errors. Some are critical and some are easy to Solve. You need to follow some Steps to fix this Errors.

    STEP 1: Create a Folder to save mails in it which you want.
    STEP 2: Go to Tools >> Options.
    STEP 3: Select Maintenance >> Select Folder.
    STEP 4: This will show the folders and select the folder which you want.
    STEP 5: Press “Ctrl + C”.
    STEP 6: Close Outlook and Click “Start”.
    STEP 7: Go to “Run” and press “Ctrl +V”.
    STEP 8: This is the Location of the Outlook Files. Click the “Ok” Button.
    STEP 9: Now, you can see the Outlook mails, even in the Outbox. Your error is Fixed.
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