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    Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    There is always a message popping up from the task bar on my windows 7 machine saying that "Windows Registry Entries corrupted", but these registry entries corrupted automatically since I have not done anything on my machine related to this cause. So tell me, what should be done as a solution to fix this message?

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    palm_pixi_anand Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    Friend it may be some malware or trojan infected to your system..
    Try to run registry cleaner(download from internet) and a good antivirus(dnt depend upon free)
    u can use Avast, titanium plus(best AV).
    Still problem persists, repair the software by inserting the disc and then after following the instructions, make a repair.!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    To eliminate the error message a few steps can be taken, which are as follows.

    You can edit registry manually , to do so click start, in the search box type cmd and press enter.

    In the Elevated Command Prompt, type regedit, press enter.

    Edit the registry and add or remove registry entries from that.

    Registry edit is risky and any malhandling can destroy te system, so be cautious.

    You can restore system from, Start--All Programs--Accessories--System Tools--system Restore,
    provide an earlier date when there were no issues with the system and the system will revert to that restore point and registry will be created error free.

    Reinstallation of windows can also solve the issue.

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    Hi dear friend.........to resolve this issue follow these

    To repair the corrupted Entries ....you need to download the third party software from the internet

    that is SYSTEM ADVANCE CARE ...... simply download it from the internet and install it

    now run the tool.....and click on DEEP SCAN button......after the completion of process

    click on REPAIR button..... and then it will fix the issues

    and if you are unable to solve the issues with the above lines.......simply restore the Windows

    that is press windows key+r and type Rstrui and press ENTER key

    then choose the Restore point depending on your choice and click next ....and follow the instructions

    and also ....if the problem is not solved .....simply insert the WINDOWS 7 DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    then press DELETE key and select the boot option

    after that move on to the process..... .........and after selecting the Language options......in the next step click on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER option ......and follow the onscreen instructions

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    Dear friend,

    Windows registries are the addresses of your different files and folders at different location, used by different programs to access these files.

    These may be corrupted by following reasons:

    1. Viruses or Trojans or any another type of malware programs.

    To solve this: Use any top brand, up-to-date antivirus/anti-malware program to scan your PC.

    2. Incomplete/corrupted installation or un-installation of Windows programs.

    To solve this: Re-install the corrupted program from beginning. To un-install a program use any un-installation software like Revo Uninstaller Pro or IObit Advanced System Care.
    These software will clean up the registry entries left out by your uninstalled program.

    3. Incompatibility of drivers of hardware of your PC or corrupted drivers.

    To solve this
    : Re-install the drivers of your PC hardware or you can update the drivers manually or by using software like Intel® Driver Update Utility (a free utility provided by Intel for their own motherboards), Driver Reviver, etc.

    4. Software incompatibility issues.

    To solve this
    : Check the compatibility of software before using or try to use the software in compatibility mode.

    If this doesn't help you, try to use your operating system Rescue Disk to renew the operating system.

    Thanks! Have a nice day!

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    csmoon96 Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Registry Entries corrupted on Windows 7 System.

    you repair your system using windows7 Disk
    to remove this error you follow these steps

    -> insert the disk into your DVD Writer
    -> Restart Your Computer
    -> press BOOT Button or (ALT+CTRL+DEL)
    -> Select boot from DVD
    -> Press Any Key
    ->Select Repair Option
    ->After Completing Your Repair Restart Your Computer

    your Problem will be solved

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