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    Solution when Windows Vista(Service Pack 2) forgot login password?

    I am typing the correct password which am using from years to login. I have not changed the password and am the only user to my PC. So please tell me what I can do to get into my system skipping this login window as it does not recognize the typed password. Any suggestion would be appreciated and I need a quick solution as am unable to get into my machine.

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Vista(Service Pack 2) forgot login password?


    To reset/bypass the login password for Windows Vista you can use the following software:

    1. OPHCRACK: Download the tool and burn the OPHCRACK on a CD and boot the PC using the CD.

    PC Login Now: Download the software and extract the ISO file from the self-extracting archive. Use USB Boot Device software
    or similar to install the ISO on USB drive. This will clear up the Windows password and after logging in, you can create a new password.

    3. Kon Boot CD: This is also similar software as mentioned above.


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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Solution when Windows Vista(Service Pack 2) forgot login password?


    If you forgot your password

    Then you need to run Password cracker software in windows.

    After running this software automatically your password will remove.

    This software available in internet.

    Then you can set new password.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Solution when Windows Vista(Service Pack 2) forgot login password?

    Don't worry dear...

    1. You first download Window password remover in other system ,
    2. it is ISO type software ,
    3.It burn in CD , After burning ,insert your system and restart it
    4.Follow all instructions and break password

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    Re: Solution when Windows Vista(Service Pack 2) forgot login password?

    Hi, Dear friend

    To Get the forgot password,,,,,,follow the below instructions CAREFULLY

    first of all download the Hiren's Boot CD from the internet and for the download visit this link http://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/

    which is usually in ISO image .....then burn it on the disk by using the DAEMON TOOLor Burn image tools

    after that insert the disk in to ROM restart the PC .... then it will brings up the message like Boot from CD or DVD ...... then press ENTER key

    in the next step choose Mini windows XP option from the menu.......after that double click on HBCD menu Icon from the desktop

    next choose the Programs option> password / keys > windows login > RESET ( win xp/vista/7) user password

    in the next window there is a link will be appeared in the path to sam file box....in that box shows the location as your HOME DRIVE

    simply change that location ( that is drive letter ) as D or any other drive

    then click on Re open button ..... then select your user name from the list

    now click on Change password button.....then change the password as you like .. click OK

    then click on SAVE CHANGES > EXIT........now restart the PC........and remove the disk ...

    after that login with the new password

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!

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