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    Sometimes touch becomes unresponsive in Windows 8 Tablet

    I got new Windows 8 Tablet. It worked well for few days and later touch became unresponsive. It responds to touch sometime and later, it does not respond. I am not aware of the reason. If anyone helps me in this, I am much thankful to them.

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    Re: Sometimes touch becomes unresponsive in Windows 8 Tablet


    The Windows 8 touch sensitive tablets are absolutely new in the market and are still going through the evolution.

    The software as well as the hardware are experiencing new things and ideas as well as newer hiccups.

    There are two types of Windows 8 Tablets, one is Microsofts Windows 8 tablet, the other is the one you are having a seperate manufacturer but Windows 8 installed.

    Now the interaction between Windows and the device should be more easier in case of Microsofts product, which is deviced keeping in mind the software being the same originators produce.

    It is not supposed to express that the product you are having is inferior by any means, though i dont know the make. But it is adviced that you should contact the manufacturers service center for a complete checkup of the device, which should reveal the exact hardware failure if any.


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