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    Sony Vaio shuts down while installing Windows 8 Release preview version

    Is my Sony Vaio laptop doesn’t have the support for Windows 8 OS? Is that the reason for it not to work? Whenever I try to install Windows 8 OS in my Sony Vaio it just shuts down when the process says it has to restart for the installation to process. Is there any way to overcome this problem and make it work properly? I tried like 10 times but all the time it’s the same where the system shuts down.

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    Re: Sony Vaio shuts down while installing Windows 8 Release preview version

    Dont get depressed thinking Sony Vaio doesnt support Windows 8, Any computer which has Ibm compatibility, Intel or AMD processor supports windows.
    Only thing matters wheather you have the required hardware peripherals attached to it or not.
    To install you will be needed aminimum of,

    Windows-8 system requirements 64-bit (x64)
    CPU with 1 GHz
    20 GByte Hard disk space
    2 GByte RAM
    DirectX-9 graphics Card

    Windows-8 system requirements 32-bit (x86/x32)
    CPU with 1 GHz
    16 GByte Hard disk space
    1 GByte RAM
    DirectX-9 graphics Card.
    Do you have those? If yes then check for your CD/DVD drives integrity, then verify the DVD you are using as source of the software Windows.
    Hope your trouble will be over.

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