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    Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    I have a PC with an intel celeron 2 GHz processor with a D-Link motherboard, an Intel 845GV graphics controller, onboard soundmax digital audio, a Motorola modem, and other stuff. The quality of the onboard sound is not as good as that from the PCI CMedia sound card,so i disabled onboard sound and installed the CMedia sound card.The problem is,it does not get detected in windows 98.Furthermore,it works fine at my friends pC which has windows 98.What's the issue and how can i fix the same?

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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    The problem would be due to a resource conflict with some other device on the system.To get around this problem, you should first check the BIOS settings, and disable all unused devices. Also verify that IR settings are set to Auto. If the problem persists,try installing the card in a different PC slot. If you still have the problem,try removing other PCI card,such as the modem,one by one. If it doesn not get deleted even after removing all the other PCI cards.Kindly the real experience,
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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    There might be a number of issues involved in the situation that you are experiencing.

    1. device conflict can be a reason, to solve you should uninstall devices and cards installed and install one by one and check if the problem persists,
    2. remove the sound card, clean the PCI slot and the card goldfinger , install again and check.
    3. is the card okay? check for it's status.
    4. install latest device driver for sound after uninstalling the existing one.Try to install the card manufacturers supplied driver primarily, if that is not available, then install driver from microsoft.

    This should do he trick.

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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98


    There may be a couple of reason behing it. First you should manually remove the sound card
    from the mother borad slot, clean it with paper and then put it back into the slot once again.
    The next thing could be driver issue, you have to uninstall the sound card driver from the PC
    and then re-install it. this may solve the sound issue.


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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..................

    1.With Windows XP some sound drivers will come automatically.

    2.But with the Windows 98 you cannot get those.

    3.So if you want the sound in that Windows 98.

    4.Insert the motherboard Cd and then install the Audio Drivers in that.

    5.If you cannot get it then leave it you cannot get it in Windows 98.

    Have a nice day..............

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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    hi, friend.

    >>You have problem with your sound card.

    >> It is work with Xp but not in windows 98. let me tell you that for both the OS you have to install different sound driver.

    >> There is nothing problem with sound card.

    >> just download driver for windows 98 and then try it you can easily solve your problem .

    >> I hope you have got me.

    >> All the very best

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    Re: Sound card works in windows XP but not with Windows 98

    first of all remove it

    then clean it using paper and then insert it

    if the problem is not solved

    then there is driver issue

    so download a compatible sound card driver for windows 98

    then install it and its done

    verify that the ir settings are set to auto

    try to insert the card in another pc slot

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