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    Sound Drivers not working after re-installing Windows 7.

    I have recently formatted the C drive and re-installed the windows 7 from windows 7 CD. After the installation was done successfully, I have installed the motherboard drivers which contains all the drivers including Sound drivers. Earlier when I did the same, every driver worked fine but now the sound drivers not installing or not working?

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    adityaonline Array
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    Re: Sound Drivers not working after re-installing Windows 7.

    Dear friend the sound drivers you are attempting to install might be incompatible with the windows 7.

    follow these steps to update your sound card drivers.

    1. Right click my computer and then the device manager.

    2. Right click on the sound card on the device manager.

    3. Click on the update drivers.

    4. Click on the search for the drivers automatically.

    5. Your drivers shall be updated.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.


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    Re: Sound Drivers not working after re-installing Windows 7.

    You don't need to worry, just make sure the driver installer disk is okay and the drivers can be read correctly from the media else windows will not perform due to unaccessable drivers.

    What you need to do is to first UNINSTALL sound driver from Device Manager,

    Then follow the standard procedure to install sound driver again. This will solve your problem.

    In case the problem remains, download the driver from either microsoft website or the motherboard manufacturers official website and install to achieve your desired goal.

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    Re: Sound Drivers not working after re-installing Windows 7.

    Hi dear friend........

    First check whether the Sound drivers installed properly or not by the following procedure

    press windows key+r and type dxdiag in run box and press ENTER key

    then click YES button..........Now tap on SOUND tab

    And check the Notes box....... if it is display like no problem found ( other wise simply re-install the Sound drivers )........ then there is no problem with the sound drivers

    simply, go to the sound settings .....and check all the settings that is by

    press windows key+r and type mmsys.cpl in the run and press ENTER key

    then check whether the play back devices enabled or not ....and check the other settings

    and also check the speakers pin inserted properly or not

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Sound Drivers not working after re-installing Windows 7.

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............

    1.The drivers which you have installed may be corrupted.

    2.You make a right click on 'My Computer'.

    3.Then you click on 'manage' and a new window will open.

    4.Then you click on the option 'Device manager'.

    5.Then you open the properties of the Sound drivers.

    6.Then you go to the 'Driver' tab and click on 'Update Driver'.

    7.That's it by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    Have a nice day..........

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