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    Sound quality has gone down after Windows 8 Upgrade

    Can somebody please explain how to get the sound settings right after windows 8 upgrade in my laptop? It has gone down a lot and I am not able to get the same clear sound that I was getting before the upgrade. I have a Toshiba Satellite P755 laptop.

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    Re: Sound quality has gone down after Windows 8 Upgrade


    friends sound quality is totally depends on driver and sound card then also if u think that u have got down by ur sound then u can resolve it ..

    1. download latest version of sound drive of ur laptop from toshiba's site it is totally free and may be it will solve ur problem..

    2. change setting from control panal .. but i think best way is this step one coz may winows8 will not good support with older driver so it only allow u to sound but not a good sound that u have previous..

    thank you.. and i m sure this will help u..

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