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    Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    I have taken different photos of a scene using a camera and connected the device with my PC. I need to create a panorama of those photos with the Windows Photo Gallery installed on my system. What should I do for that?

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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    First of all, you need to open the ‘Photo Gallery’ and click on the ‘Import’ option available in the top part of the window. Select the device afterwards and import the photos you want into ‘Photo Gallery’. Once you finish importing the photos, select all photos by clicking on them. Then, press the ‘Create’ tab and make a single click on ‘Panorama’ option. This will stitch all the selected photos together. Once you finish the panorama, you can crop it if you want. Press the ‘Edit’ tab for that and click the ‘Adjustments’ group. You can then find the ‘Crop’ option. Click that option and start cropping the picture.

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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery


    I am here to help you and have understood your problem so dont be worried.For the app related queries and apps which you have bought from the android market comes under the Right To complain act in which you have to agree to each and every demand of the window developer. So if you have any queries related you can simply go the the android market and submit your queries to them . I surely think they will come back to you in a day or two.I hope you have understood and your problem is solved.
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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    Windows Live Photo Gallery is a nifty tool that you can use to create photo panoramas that are made up of small photos that are "patched" up into one wider, seamless composition. Where before you needed complicated camera features or high-tech equipment to do can now be accomplished with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Now, you don't have to struggle to fit as much as you can into one photo.


      • 1Position yourself in front of the object of your photo like a riverbank, for example. Take a number of photos of the riverbank, from one end to the other. The photos should be in series, with each photo overlapping the previous one slightly. In our example, we have taken five consecutive photos, each one overlapping the next slightly.

      • 2Transfer your photos from your digital camera to your computer. Windows will automatically import your photos into Live Photo Gallery.

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      • 3Once they are imported into Photo Gallery, select all the photos at one time, by holding down the "Control" key, and then click on each photo.

      • 4Click on "Make." Next, click on "Create a panoramic photo." Photo Gallery will analyze and adjust your photos so that they will fit together smoothly.

      • 5Once the photos are fit together, crop the photo to clean up the rough edges. Click on "Fix" and then click on "Crop Photo." Select the part of the panoramic photo that you want to keep, and then click on "Apply" to apply the changes.

      • 6Choose a name and a folder to which you will save the panoramic photo that you compile.

      • 7Click on "Back to"to go back to the gallery, once you are done compiling and editing your panoramic photo. It will automatically be saved by Photo Gallery.

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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    Hi, for creating panorama:

    1.Open the ‘Photo Gallery’.
    2.Click on the ‘Import’ option.
    3.Select all the photos and press the ‘Create’ option and click on ‘Panorama’ option.

    This is it, your panorama is created.

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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    Hi friends,,,

    for creating panorama:=================

    1st===>>>.Open the ‘Photo Gallery’.

    2nd===>>>Click on the ‘Import’ option.

    3rd===>>>.Select all the photos and press the ‘Create’ option and

    4th===>>>click on ‘Panorama’ option.

    5th===>>>your panorama is created.

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    Re: Steps for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery

    Hi friend,

    The following are the steps to be followed for creating panorama with Windows Photo Gallery.

    At first you have to go to Photo Gallery.

    Then tap on to the import option.

    Now the whole of photos are to be selected.

    There the option of create is to be tapped.

    After in order to create panorama with Windows Photo Gallery,that you need to press the 'panorama' option.


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