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    Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?

    I am planning to install Windows 7 OS in my Acer Aspire 5630 laptop but the problem is I donít know how to get into the boot menu I tried pressing F1 to F12 but it doesnít work at all. Can you tell me the steps to follow to enter into the boot menu to install the Windows 7 OS? What are the things I should take care when installing the new Windows 7 OS?

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    Re: Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?

    the function is different for different laptops or systems,then restart the system and press delete to enter into boot setup and there you can change the boot menu options or else try to hit f2 function and enter into boot menu and for some laptops it might not work.
    Thank Youacer_aspire_5630.jpg

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    Re: Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?

    hi my dear friend.............to enter the boot menu ...follow my instructions

    step1: restart your pc

    step2: then press the delete key from your keyboard while restarting

    step3: then a configuration window will be opened

    step4: in that choose the BOOT option by using the navigation keys

    step5: then in that option choose the boot priority option

    step6: then select the boot option1 as CD/DVD ROM and press F10 form the keyboard to save and select ok

    step7: then your pc will restarts...........after....which enter in to boot..... and it will shows like your pc is entering into boot ....etc

    step8: while showing this above message at the end of that message displaying dots ...and within a 5 dots you need to press enter key from the keyboard

    step9: then the boot will starts ................and follow the simple instructions to install the OS .............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?

    For Installing Windows 7 on Acer Aspire 5630 we have to follow these steps:-
    1. Create a bootable USB stick of Windows 7 first. To do this *insert your USB stick*
    and then copy or move all your contents *to a drive.
    2. Then *open Command Prompt with admin rights. You can use either of the given methods below to*open Command Prompt with admin rights.
    Go to Start menu > All programs > Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as*administrator.
    3. we need to know about the USB drive a little bit. Type in the following commands in the command*prompt:
    First type DISKPART and hit enter to see the below message.
    Next type LIST DISK command and note down the Disk number of your USB flash drive. In*the below screenshot my Flash Drive Disk no is Disk 1.
    4. Next type all the commands one by one. Here I assume that your disk drive no is ďDisk 1Ē.
    5.Then *insert your Windows7 DVD into the optical drive and check the drive letter of the DVD drive*
    6.Then *maximize the minimized Command Prompt in the 4th step.Type *the following command now:
    D:CD BOOT and hit enter.Where ďDĒ is your DVD drive letter.
    7.Then *type another command given below to update the USB drive with BOOTMGR compatible code.
    8.Then Copy all the *Windows 7 DVD contents to the USB flash drive.
    9. Now we have bootable Windows 7 USB drive. Reboot *Acer Aspire One Netbook and then, press F12 key to enter the BIOS. Select USB drive as bootable drive and hit enter.
    10. Then *Windows 7 installation procedure should begin now.

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    Re: Steps to follow to enter into the boot menu in Acer Aspire 5630 to install Windows 7 OS?


    From what you have enquired in your note i`v found that you have a requirment to install Windows 7 in your system, and you are going to do it.

    It has very little connection from entering Boot menu. As boot menu is required when you need to boot from seperate resource than the standard default boot process.

    To enter boot menu you need to press different buttons in different makes of computers as manufacturers deploy different CMOS architecture to run their respective systems. You press F2, F5,F8,Esc., Delete etc button depending on manufacturer specification.

    Now to install Windows 7 in your computer you need to insert the software CD/DVD in the optical drive and let it run by itself, after the system check it will ask for a number of queries and answer to them, also you can install in automatic installation method where the query will be less, or you canopt for custom setup where you will get every facility but you will be required to answer a lot of question from the software.

    After the installation the OS will tell you when it is finished and you can remove the CD/DVD from the drive and boot from the HDD and run the system using Windows 7.

    Take caution about two things, use original copy of Windows7 while installing,

    Make sure installation is unhindered and uninterrupted.

    Thank you.

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