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    Steps for repairing .NET FrameWork 4 installed on Windows XP

    I have recently installed .NET FrameWork 4 into my PC running on Windows XP. But I canít update that software. How can I repair this and update it?

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    Re: Steps for repairing .NET FrameWork 4 installed on Windows XP

    First of all, quit all the currently running applications on your PC. Press the ‘Start’ button afterwards and click the ‘Control Panel’ from the start menu. Once you can view the Control Panel window, click on ‘Add or Remove Programs’ option. This will bring up a list of programs installed on your PC. Click on ‘MicroSoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile’ option from that list and press the ‘Change/Remove’ button. The next step required is to choose ‘Repair .NET Framework Client Profile to its Original state’ option and click on the ‘Next’ button. When the repair process gets completed, click on ‘Finish’ and ‘Restart Now’ buttons one after the other. Once the PC restarts, click on ‘Start’ button again and enter Windows Update into the search box. Click on ‘Windows Update’ afterwards and select ‘Check for updates’ option. By the time your system finishes the scan process, click on ‘Install Windows Updates’ option. You can then install the update by following the onscreen instructions.

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    Re: Steps for repairing .NET FrameWork 4 installed on Windows XP

    hi dear friend.........To update the Dot net frame work 4 ........follow the given instructions

    simply ..download the updated dot net frame work from the internet

    and install ....that ....then it will be automatically updated

    and to download the ...frame work visit this website www.filehippo.com

    and there you look on the DRIVERS category and download the latest version of frame work

    that is dot net frame work 4.5 version...


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    Re: Steps for repairing .NET FrameWork 4 installed on Windows XP


    Microsoft .NET framework only be install on 64 bit OS. Windows XP service pack 2 has 32 bit and Windows XP service pack 3 has 64 bit. To installing of .NET framework you must have Windows XP service pack 3 and follow that procedure.

    ====>Go to Microsoft official site.

    ====>Here search and find the .NET framework 4 and download into your system.

    ====>After downloading has complete install framework into the system.

    ====>Installing procedure will take few minute, just wait.

    ====>.NET framework 4 will install into your system.

    Try this i hope this will help you....

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    Re: Steps for repairing .NET FrameWork 4 installed on Windows XP


    In order to repair the .net framework 4 in your system to upgrade it, take the following action.

    Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > MicroSoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile > Change/Remove > Repair .NET Framework Client Profile to its Original state > Next > Finish > Restart Now.

    Click Start > type in the search box "Windows Update". Click Windows Update > Check for updates > Install Windows Updates > install the updates.


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