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    Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar

    The battery of my HTC Radar tends to drain out quickly while travelling. To avoid that, I am planning to disable 3G and enable Edge Network during a trip. How to do that?

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    Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar


    As per your query you want to switch to your edge network to save your HTC radar's battery ..
    But i think that switching from one network to another continuosly will make your battery more being consumed as the switching process will also need some time to switch and takes your HTC radar's battery ...

    Though its my thinking i am telling you how to change or switch your network..
    Follow the below steps to switch the network.. :

    - Go to settings

    - Then from settings go to cellular

    - There you will see the option as highest connection speed ...
    Just set that to E (Edge) and save it..

    You are done with the switching procedure.

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    Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar

    It is very easy to disable 3g and enable EDGE(2g) on your phone..To do that..
    Go to menu
    go to setting
    go to phone setting
    go to network setting
    go to network mode
    select gsm/egde/gprs(2g) onl
    It is done..
    All the best..

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    Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar

    dear friend,

    Of course you can save your battery live if you convert your phone from 3G to Edge network.

    Though you'll get lower data rate ( 0.5 MBPS ) comparing to your 3G ( approx 14.4 MBPS ) service.

    But you'll get lower latency during data transfer if you go with Edge network.

    Latency is the measurement of the amount of packet data broken down during data transfer.

    Follow these steps to switch from 3G to Edge Network on your HTC Radar-

    Go to the Start screen.

    Click on settings.

    Select Wireless & Networking.

    Go to the Network Mode under mobile network option.

    Now switch your phone from the 3G mode to Edge mode.

    Hope this info will help you a lot.

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    Wink Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar

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    Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar

    Hello friends, here are the few steps,

    You can set it to 2G from 3G,

    Firstly u need to go to the settings in that u will have a option select “cellular” and then u get a option to set “Highest

    connection speed to E.

    Click on it and 3G will get deactivate and edge will activate after sometime if it doesn’t come try switching of the phone

    and switch on after 2min.

    Even after that if it doesn’t workout then call the customer care for help.

    I did my best to give a proper solution

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Switching from 3G to Edge Network on HTC Radar


    IF you want too know that how switching 3G to 2G(edge) network htc radar...i will show you some easy steps that you will follow and solve your problem in some easy steps..
    Here these are the steps...
    1. First of all go on menu
    2.Just click on setting
    3.After that phone setting
    4.And then Network setting
    5.Then Network mode
    6.just select gsm/edge/2g
    Now you are switched 3G to 2G(edge) network..
    Thank You...

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