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    System Backup process won't complete on Windows 7

    Hi, if i am trying to complete my system back up process task on win 7 then getting an error that The backup application could not start due to an internal error. However i am taking right process by go to Control Panel then System and Security after then Backup and Restore and Set Up Backup but couldn't succeed. What to do? Any help!!

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    Re: System Backup process won't complete on Windows 7

    First of all, you should disable security software from your system temporarily, disable your antivirus for little time and then try to complete backup process.
    You must know two essential thing that Shadow Copy service and Windows backup service both are necessary to complete windows backup process. Dependency service Remote Procedure Call, also essential to complete the process. So, you wii need to check that that all services are running or not. To check this follow the procedure:

    Step 1: Click on start and open search field
    Step 2: Type 'services.msc' and Ok
    Step 3: At a time, do right click on a service
    Step 4: Click on properties
    Step 5: Now, note the dependency services and make sure they all are running

    Now, check the issue, it should be resolved now...
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    Re: System Backup process won't complete on Windows 7

    1-you can restore the system to the last successful attempt this can solve this issue...
    2- change the drive set for backup and again try to backup again.
    3- also make sure that the drive have the enough space for backup.

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    Re: System Backup process won't complete on Windows 7

    now you are shown the error "system backup process won't complete due to internal server".That's Error code
    0*80080005.It's due to your system having damaged file.

    you can solve that error by two way :

    by using clean boot.
    you also can back up small files.

    Back up small files

    --> go to "start" and then "control panel"
    --> now select "backup and restore center" and start creating backup
    --> select folder location for save the back up data
    --> now choose the what back up you want.select "let me choose"
    --> start the back up.

    Clean boot

    --> Go to "start" and then type the "msconfig.exe" in the search box.
    --> click on "selective startup" on general tab.
    --> now select "load startup items"
    --> now select "hide all microsoft service" in service tab.now click on "disable all"
    --> click "ok" and then restart.

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    Re: System Backup process won't complete on Windows 7

    hi.....DEAR friend..............to fix this issue .....first restore your pc and then try for the Backup

    that is simply click the start menu and open the control panel

    after click on system and security option

    and now click Backup and restore option

    and next click on restore system settings or computer option

    after click open system restore and click next

    and then SCAN for the ERROR and select it and click NEXT

    and then choose the DRIVE that is HOME DRIVE (C and click next

    finally click save settings and RUN button

    then the process will begins ...............and after the completion of process your error will be fixed

    then go for the BACKUP ............ALL THE BEST

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