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    System is getting slow even though the C drive is low

    I own Dell Laptop which is powered by Windows 7. For the few weeks, I am facing the problem that the processor becomes slower and slower. Due to this, I transfered all the files in the C drive to other drives and now the C drive is almost have 10 GB of free space. One of my Friend told that the system becomes slow because of the Anti-virus I have installed. I have installed Norton Security Anti-virus which works well and throws away all the errors on my system. Can anyone tell me why this happens even I have a good processor and 2 GB RAM. Please leave a reply as soon you can !!!

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    Re: System is getting slow even though the C drive is low

    It seems that you have a very good processor support. THe 2 GB RAM will support Windows 7 as well and since it is a Laptop, the company will give bring you the feature that satisfies the new version of operating system too. However the problem is here that is your Anti-virus. The Norton Security will brings down the processor. This Anti-virus use to scan the whole system each time you log into the computer. So it won’t let you do anything at that time. Then if you clicked out any files take an example of My computer.Then this Anti-virus will scan the entire My computer and then only it will let you to enter into it. But at the same time this is good Anti-virus that won’t bring you any errors if it was updated.
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    Re: System is getting slow even though the C drive is low


    Your problem might come from different quarters it seems from your complain.

    Windows 7 with 2GB RAM is ok, but not lightning fast. You need more for that.

    Norton is a high quality antivirus but very resource hungry and takes enough measures to control infection successfully but its checks are stringent,in doing so its TSR was written heavy and takes a long time to activate deactivate.
    Your page file size should be checked, check the virtual memory for its size. Let windows decide the size.
    Do you have any other apps or TSRs installed inyour computer, disable them if not extreamly important.
    Thank you.

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