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    System goes back to existing OS while upgrading to Windows 8

    My PC was previously installed with Windows 7 platform. When I tried upgrading it to Windows 8 the system switched back to Windows 7 half way through the process. Can you please help me to upgrade to 8 version?

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    Re: System goes back to existing OS while upgrading to Windows 8

    First of all, update the Windows 7 software by downloading a most recent software version from the Windows update. You can also try the Samsung electronics site. Then try upgrading again. It must work by now. But if doesn’t, change the upgrade option to ‘Keep personal files only’ or ‘Nothing’. If again these cases fail try ‘Clean Installation’ option. The clean installation process will clean up the system storages so precaution must be taken to back up all the data to an external storage device. After this is done you can again try reinstalling Windows 8 using the DVD or through ESD.

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    Re: System goes back to existing OS while upgrading to Windows 8

    Dear friend,

    You can solve your problem by following procedure:
    1. Just make a backups of your current system like your saved documents, downloaded music and videos, etc. and perform a clean install window 8.
    2. To make a clean install you have to format the current Windows 7 operating system.
    3. Insert the Windows 8 DVD into your optical drive, or plug into a free USB port the flash drive with the Windows 8 installation files on it, and then turn on or restart the computer.
    4. On window 8 screen, choose the Language to install, the Time and currency format, and the Keyboard or input method that you want to use further.
    5. Click the Install now button.Click "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)".
    6. Format the partition having Windows 7 operating system on "Where do you want to install Windows" screen.
    7. Follow on-screen instructions for further installation.
    8. Restore the backup you have saved before.


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    Re: System goes back to existing OS while upgrading to Windows 8

    Hi friend........

    It might be the problem of installation disk or Drive errors

    So, first of all verify that .... the installation disk working properly or not

    then go to my computer and right click on HOME DRIVE that is usually C:\ drive and select properties option

    now tap on TOOLS tab and click CHECK NOW button under the Error-checking category

    and select SCAN FOR ATTEMPT RECOVERY OF BAD SECTORS option and click START

    then wait until the completion of process........and try again

    if still the problem persists.......simply go with the General method

    that is insert DISK and restart PC....then press DELETE key at the start up...and select the boot option

    and then press ENTER key to boot from CD at the fresh start up ......and follow the onscreen instructions.......

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!

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