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    System Language & Location always changes on it's own

    Hi, my Desktop PC is Windows 7 OS.The minor problem i face is the Language & Location of my System which is preferred has been Changed.It is because of my brother who did it mistakenly and dunno how to make the changes as before. So i need anyone of you to Guide me to get back it to normal as before. I thought of Reinstalling my OS, if i do will the Issue be Fixed.Also please tell me how do i Install new Languages in to my system of my Favorite. Kindly do Suggest all your Valuable replies here. Let me Fix this Issue with your help

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    Re: System Language & Location always changes on it's own

    1. Just Tap the Home Screen & Choose Control Panel option
    2. Now Hit the Clock, Language & Region option
    3. Select Change Display Language option
    4. From the List of Available Languages select your Favorite Language
    5. Hit Save to make your Changes Saved
    6. To Add New Languages Tap the “Install or Uninstall the Display Languages
    7. Tap Install the Install Display Languages
    8. Follow the similar procedures and you are done
    9. You can Delete any Languages in your PC by Tapping UnInstall the Display Languages option.
    10.Once you finish up all kindly Save all your Changes.
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    Re: System Language & Location always changes on it's own

    Hello friend...

    you restore the system from the dated when you find the error using the system restore option if you also try to this...

    To solve this Problem to follow these steps:-

    First tap on the Start button
    Click the Control panel.
    Click the ‘Clock, Language, and Region’
    Then choose the ‘Set Time and Date’
    Click on ‘Change Date and Time’
    Now you can see the dialog box for Date and Time Settings
    You can select the month and year from the drop down menu and choose the date from the display and then type in the time.
    Finally tap on ‘apply’ followed by ‘ok’


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    Re: System Language & Location always changes on it's own

    hi dear friend........to change the Language and location

    first click on the start menu and open the RUN


    Directly press the windows key+r combination from the keyboard

    then type in the run as control and press ENTER key from the keyboard

    after that click on the clock language and Region option

    after that click the language option

    then click on the Add language option

    after that choose your language from the suggested list

    then click on the Add option .....after that choose your selected language

    and remove other languages from the window

    then your language will be changed .................

    And to change the Region ........after opening the clock language and region option

    click the Region option ......and choose the location TAB

    then select the region .....under the HOME LOCATION and click OK button .

    then your problem will be resolved.....................all the best

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