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    System not booting after trying to downgrade to Windows 7

    I have bought a new PC which has Windows 8. I would like to downgrade to Windows 7 as I felt Windows 8 is costly. After installing Windows 7 the system runs for some time and restarts. Why does this happen?

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    Re: System not booting after trying to downgrade to Windows 7


    It is always not simple to switch from higher order to a lower one and in fact Windows 8 Pro offers such a conversion but not the Windows 8.

    What happens is that once Windows 8 is installed in the system , it installes and modifies all its surroundings to its own specification and when it is decided that a conversion to a lower version should take place, Windows 8 will not release all required files, drivers etc. for the lower Operating System to use.

    Self downgrading is more complex with Windows 8, you must first modify the PC's BIOS to boot into "legacy mode." By default, Windows 8 uses UEFI-mode (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) boot to enable new features, such as "Secure Boot".

    In fact manufacturers like HP notified to their customers that their pre installed Windows 8 should not be converted to Windows 7 or lower versions, in case someone does that at their own risk in case anything happens.


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