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    System Restore is not working in Windows Vista

    I want to restore the Windows Vista system and selected the restore point. I started restoring the system and faced an error is filed to restore the system. I tried to restore the system after some time and faced the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: System Restore is not working in Windows Vista

    Using System Restore in Windows
    There are two places that you can use the system restore feature from. From within Windows, you can just type restore into the Start menu search box, and you’ll immediately see System Restore at the top of the start menu:

    Or you can type rstrui into the search box and hit enter. Your choice.
    You will immediate see a screen where you can choose to roll back the system to the last restore point. You can select “Recommended restore”, and just click next, or you can choose a different restore point.

    If you do choose a different restore point, you will see a list of restore points that you can choose from. How many times have I typed the word choose at this point?
    You’ll notice in the screenshot below that the last thing I did was install Virtual CloneDrive to mount ISO images, but right before that I installed the NVIDIA drivers.

    Click one of them, and you will have to confirm and then restart your computer to roll the system back.

    Note: For best results, you should run System Restore from safe mode.
    If you receive an error while restoring, then use it from safe mode and it should work fine. To get into Safe mode, you can reboot and use the F8 key right before Windows starts up.
    If the F8 key doesn’t work for you, you can force the system to go into safe mode by following instructions from Larry in the comments.
    If Your System Won’t Boot
    If you can’t even get into windows, you can boot off the installation dvd, and choose the “Repair your computer” option on the lower left hand side. If you don’t have an installation/repair disc, you can make one with these instructions.
    Click next on the next screen, and then choose System Restore from the System Recovery dialog. It will take a few seconds to come up, and you will see the same screen that you would see in Windows:

    Click next, and on the next screen select the drive that your copy of Windows 7 or Vista is installed on.
    Click Finish, and Windows will roll back to the previous restore point. Really pretty simple stuff.

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    Re: System Restore is not working in Windows Vista

    Hello friend...

    Follow this steps to Restore the system..

    Go to Start Click the All Programs then go Accessories.

    Select the System Tools then System Restore or press the WinKey on the keyboard, type Restore in the Run then press enter

    Press continue at the “Windows needs you permission to continue dialog box.

    Select “Choose a different Restore Point”.

    If “Choose a different restore point” was selected the “Choose a restore point” dialog box will appear. Choose a restore point an click on Next.

    Now click Yes to continue.

    The system will reboot and the following dialog box will appear if the restore was successful.

    All the Best!!

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