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    System Update Readiness Tool does nothing on Windows Vista.

    I have downloaded the System Update Readiness Tool from Microsoft official site and installed on my Windows Vista, but when I run this tool it won't identifies any update error and it won't fix the errors if it identifies any. Directly speaking it does nothing on my machine, what should I do to this tool so as to make it work properly?

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    Re: System Update Readiness Tool does nothing on Windows Vista.

    Dear friend,

    The possible reason behind this are:

    1. You are using Windows Vista Service Pack 1. The main system requirement for this software to operate properly is Windows Vista service Pack 2. Go to the Control Panel and check the system properties for your service pack. If you are using older pack than you should upgrade with a latest one.
    2. Your system is already up to date and there is no updating left on your system to be done. Try again it after some time. This security updates are not released everyday.
    3. This software is not able to recognise your network properly. So check your network settings. Remove the proxies if you’re using or any other similar trick.


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