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    Task Manager shows Running but actually the program is not running

    I am a windows xp user. When I open my task manager it shows so many process in running state but In my computer I have only opened VLC Media Player and an Anti Virus.What does these processes represent. I have tried to find out these running Apps but unable to find.Is there any way to find these running Apps?

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    Re: Task Manager shows Running but actually the program is not running

    hi my dear friend............here is your answer

    Alex Internal Windows system process
    Chronial This seems to be a fake process by windows, to adress the memory and cpu used by the kernel to.
    Pole Does scan my remote ports. My firewall rejects the connection to opened ports.
    D. Kalnæs Main part of Windows. Covers larger parts of the internals of Windows Networking.
    It is the Windows system process
    Koco Process "system" sometimes eats up all system resources (CPU time). Does anybody know how that happens?
    The process try to connect to diferent webs
    Pedro system process is safe, as opposed to system.exe process
    TeazY I have 100 % CPU @ this prozess
    Remoui i've experienced the same problem! With 50% used power due to two virtual processors
    Senrich Keeps your computer 'alive', this is used as a placeholder, since the CPU can never stop 'thinking'.
    samuel long eating up a lot of my CPU time
    this process is very odd. it doesnt seem to affect anything memory wise but it opens a port to microsoft.ds and other websites. when it is closed it doesnt have any ill effects but i have found i can never remove it completely because it doesnt seem to exist! more mystery from Microsoft. :
    Peter System idle process.. It doesn't do anything else than really just counts how much processing power is available, and perhaps uses about 0.0001% of processing power itself from 2Ghz processor.. See also: Link
    Chris R. Seems to show up on even new installs, probably part of Windows
    This is just something for the CPU to "do" when it has nothing to do. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF IT SAYS IT'S USING 98-100% SYSTEM RESOURCES. This is normal, it's not slowing your computer down, as soon as more processes open, it releases those resources.
    stan Not a real process, or even a real file for that matter. It runs a lot of stuff that keeps your PC ticking along - things like zeroing parts of the page file, scheduling new tasks, etc. See also: Link
    B Dawg System process errors typically mean there is an incorrect driver installed. check device manager and see what doesnt seem right.
    nico this thing keeps eating a constant 13% cpu and is slowing down/lagging windows every 3 seconds... can someone help me?
    its a system file, but recently it has caused my cpu usage to spike up 35%+ and i duno how to stop it!!!
    event viewer shows system error/ silent running:stress test transition: L1- L2
    Husen Eats only 100% when something is defekt. Like USB Port.
    peter eating up a lot of my CPU time
    RunDll32 cmicnfg.cpl
    Jason Keeps my cpu usage pegged at 100%...
    Allan People seem to be mixing up "System Idle Process" and a process called "System". "System Idle" is good, and doesn't show up as CPU usage in Task Manager Performance panel. But "System" process shows up as actual CPU usage and slows down the machine.
    Tribal I have noticed it can be a good indicator of a CPU problem, I had a pc a good few years ago where the process was constantly on 100% and everything would have a big lag. When i changed the CPU the lag ceased and the process read 99%
    BOB The System process is generally not a problem itself, but if using a lot of CPU time, can be indicative of something else; fault driver, USB port or device. I recently had problems with a Win2003 svr, with higher than normal CPU usage. System process was using a lot of resources, ejected the USB flash card reader attached, dropped like a stone back to normal
    chunsum I notice the process call system does holds up the OS once in a while going to 70-99% cpu usage even when an application is running. very odd. restart fixes it. on win2k.
    VampireBorg This process is a single thread running on each processor, which has the sole task of accounting for processor time when the system isn't processing other threads. In Task Manager, expect this process to account for the majority of processor time. HOWEVER see link for trojan with same name!!! See also: Link
    al Koholic "System" didn't exsist till I enabled windows update.
    Marian Infected from a web site
    GEEK uses 50% and more of my CPU regularly making shutdown impossible!
    Occasionally doesn't let go of system resources. Just had it eat 100% of CPU yesterday.
    Infurnus I love how everyone panics thinking it's eating their CPU when it isn't.
    Nerd I am having same problems as others mentioned. sometimes stuck at 50% and lags everything!
    Mark When im not doing anything it uses 99 of the CPU area in taskamager im trying to find if it is meant to do this.
    Straw Its a misinformation, System Idle Process just counts how much ISN'T being used, so if its at 90% then that means only 10% is being used.
    Dan Uses between 10% and 20% of my CPU constantly.
    JoHnNY ChRoNIC xX Uses the c:\windows\system files and runs critical processes, from what I know this cannot be hacked. If you are suffering a constant drag on processor usage (0%-35%, 0%-35% etc), disable any ZIP drives and/or external drives. Your computer constantly reposts information on external drives, especially if you have them in a quick launch bar on your desktop.
    Lee system is a process which shows up on the tasks on mainly Windows XP, Windows 2003 server and later version of Windows. This is a default system counter and cannot be removed.
    it opens a ports to phone home ! block with u'r firewall !
    Leonardo not is problem, only windows process.....
    Anacho on my comp; cpu (2.53 Ghz) 0% RAM (512 Mb)0.2% Seems harmless enough
    Bob "System" process is one of the backbones of Windows, when it spikes, your system will lag. Reason for spikes I don't know, if you do, please post!
    Sv. In just few words: if you see 100% CPU usage by this process, that's mean u have 100% FREE !!! Don't even try to disable it. Or you know what? TRY-then you won't touch it again ^^
    Phil A counter which displays how much CPU Resources, as a percentage are 'idle' and available for use.
    g)-(ost I noticed that "System" was just taking up a lot of resources. I found out that it was because of a faulty USB product. After I removed the USB product "System" no longer did anything. The USB product was the WifiMax.
    Greg If you morons don't know what you're talking about then don't post.
    Bill I am having a problem with CPU process time being eaten up by a series of spikes that repeat every 90 seconds, showing up under Image Name as "System". It seriously affects the operation of my PC. Any ideas?
    Jesse This System process runs separately from System Idle Process, and it's definately causing me problems. Any solutions?
    Mike "system" Image Name "00" CPU "280K" Mem Usage - Not a critical process but I can't End it...??
    Peter Pan The system process is not the same as the system idle process. If system process is using cpu time, then there is something wrong. System idle process with lots of cpu time is good... System process with lots of cpu time is bad!
    system well, as it uses network ports that were being reported as vulnerabilities of windows... of course i panicked. "System" is different than "system idle" process! It literally slow down your PC!! Can anyone remove this?
    tippie its not the system IDLE process were complaining about, its the "system process" and it uses a lot of resources, a windows update is the problem i think, like windows alwaysis the problem
    JB it is using too much CPU (most of time between 0 and 50% by a 2.8 Ghz processor) Also it almost uses no memory (94K)
    daniel this thing keeps eating a constant 70% cpu and is slowing down/lagging windows every 3 seconds... can someone help me?
    For the System (not system.exe) process if it is taking up too much cpu (100 or about) just restart. If it takes about 10-35 it would be normal or a usb device is plugged in. Although it might? be infected I once had a c:\windows
    upset This is causing me a lot of problems recently. I never recall it being there before. it takes up about 50 % of my CPU and freezes my system for about 15 seconds until it releases. It craps whatever it is
    Travis System Idle Process isn't using 99% of the processor...it indicates that 99% is FREE (DOING NOTHING). To prove this: 1) Open Windows Task Manager 2) Verify that System Idle Process is registering high (80-99%). Now open a program that you know takes some time to open like a compiler, MS office (anything from Microsoft) and watch the System Idle Process shoot down to ZERO or NEAR ZERO. See, now that it's doing something, it is no longer "Idle".
    tetos this file was eating me a lot of memory bytes
    Digital-fol This is NOT the idle process! If the process "system" has much CPU use you may have installed some Norton products like "internet security" or "anti virus". It's the norton product that slows you down. Get rid of all norton products! You have to use a special uninstaller because the norton uninstaller is crap and does not really remove the products. See also: Link
    AltoidBox Wow, just as g)-(ost said, it was my WiFi Max. After removing it, "system" went down to 0%. Perhaps everyone's problem is with some sort of device that is having issues. Though after I first installed my WiFi Max, I did not have this problem. Perhaps a recent update from Microsoft has caused it?
    Reply x Bill: Check If DMA is activated for all you Hard Drives....
    bec "System" is just a generic processor term, "System Idle process" is just what processor resources aren't being put to use. As a gamer, I noticed a significant slowdown one day and believed the "System" to be the culprit from the taskmanager without knowing too much about it beforehand. Reading from this site I fumbled around with my usb mouse. I put it into a different usb slot and noticed no problem immediately afterward.
    Ali it keeps using 50% of my CPU. Will ppl stop posting about system idle process, that is seperate, we're talking about system. its usin 280k of memory, under the user name system an it jus starts up randomy takin all my processin power. What do i do to stop it, its so irritatin
    seth i don't know what it is but i've never seen it before today and it's eating somewhere between 90-99 percent cpu, and my computer is lagging and when i open some small program (firefox or word or aim or taskmanager) it takes most of 2 or 3 minutes and it's never done that before, also system idle process is still on my task list
    yvette there is little cause to run your computers merely b/c you arent familiar enough with a process....someone might destroy their machine based on some of the posts here while missing the helpful ones altogether...that type of mass hysteria over the unknown is humanity's greatest weakness....educate yourself, analyze the facts and react then, but for goodness' sakes, learn enough before jumping to conclusions. and btw thank you all for the wonderful help that's been made available here....truly an aid!
    DogSon I know that is a windows process, it is not the system.exe (trojan) in my PC charges 200Kb, but the strange thing is that it tries to connect to a remote I.P address but I can't kill it. I don't know but at the moment I blocked with my firewall its attempt to make a connectio. Cause would download something bad. Despite my firewall says that is a Microsoft trusted app.
    Quiqus The System process and System Idle Process are not the same. The System Idle Process shows how much CPU time isn't being used; on the other hand, System process uses to appear when you have a software problem (malfunction USB devices, incorrect device drivers, etc). To drop the CPU usage, try on disconnecting your USB devices one by one and/or uninstalling the programs/services recently installed.
    Nemo There's a LARGe difference between "system" and "system idle process". However, if "system" is running it means some other secondary program is running that is using up resources through system, such as a memorex traveldrive U3 program for a USB drive or a pdf running on firefox/internet explorer. The System file in those cases may be spiking spontaneously (every 1 or 2 seconds) but once these processes are stopped it should go back to normal. System idle process is a measure of how much memory is not being used, however, if system idle is at 90%, then the little green screen should not be lit
    john It is at 50% and slowing down the system. yes i also have the system idle process.
    mine is at 99 percent. USED. System Idle is how much you have to use you morons. like someone said above with a link, if you have too high of a number thats lagging you, you may have a trojan
    Not sure what it is, but it seems to spoof the System Idle Process so well that many so-caalled TECHS think it's legit. IT'S NOT.
    Laure People, "system" is not the same as "system idle"!! "System idle" is no problem, but if "System" is clicking along at 100% CPU, your machine gets really sluggish! Don't tell me it's not a problem!
    Editable with WinHex (RamEditor)
    K System is NOT System Idle Process because it is lagging everything else when its CPU moves. Right now I'm watching it go from 0 up to 50ish. When it goes above 15 or so, what I am typing lags for several seconds. My fan is also running high even though I only have Firefox open. What is going on??
    Cody its listening on my pc and connecting to it and sending data
    Gordon With all these BS going on about "System" and "System Idle", can anybody please explain whats the difference between "System" and "System Idle Process" ?!
    Emrys Is System and System Idle Process the same? I have both 0.o
    ku much of you mix up a strange "system" process and the "system idle process". i do have that strange thingy ("system") too and i don't know, what it's supposed to do. however, it takes 224kb of ram and 28kb of vm, it's not a critical one, but it doesn't "want" to end. and avira antivirus and ad-aware don't detect anything. but sometimes it takes nearly 100% , i had it one time, when i still had the mofo openoffice.org, it*s "speed launcher" (it took nearly 2 minutes for ooo to start with that thingy!) divided the whole free cpu rate berween itself and that "system" thing.
    Graeme Its a USB device problem, card reader/usb port of some type
    Kurth Bemis the process SYSTEM , was taking up 100% of CPU. No, I'm not talking about System Idle, This is a process that is comsuming 100% of available CPU time. Cannot stop it, or change priority. I check my XP system, running XP Pro, process isn't there. I suspect that it's somethingthat Compaq installs. And yes, it does "Phone Home". Very little info on google about it.
    George Process "system" eats up all system resources
    tards, Its diferent than the System Idle process , this si only "system", yet its like it dosent exist, but taking 8-12% of my 2.8ghz cpu.. :/
    D. Stone "System Idle Process" under "Task Manager"// This application registers the % of time a CPU spends waiting for a job.// It is the amount of time spent doing NOTHING.// At 100, the CPU is 100% available for a job to be done.// At 90, the CPU is 90% free and 10% in use.// All users can check out my results at any online TECH RECORDS location.
    SG If you use Daemon tools, it helps to unmont your image when not in use. I notice a difference in lesser System spikes when I do this.
    just some admin Do not mix up "System" with "System Idle Process" both needed. "System.exe" is the bad one
    Luke 'System' and 'System Idle Process' are two seperate things in my task manager and at the bottom cpu usage is constantly 100%
    Ash This constantly eats up my CPU, vairably 45-55% Any help would be appreciated. I can stop the process but it'll show an error message and will restart by itself.
    David Clark trying to find out why "System" jumps in CPU usages
    Halcykon Fixed It! It's not really the process itself that's dangerous, but how other dlls seem to attach themselves onto it. After installing misleading programs on my computer, I was infected with multiple trojans and spyware--thats where system (NOT system idle) started to hog cpu resources. I managed to delete all except two of Vundo's dlls, which I then ran the program VundoFix. After it force-deleted the files, my system is back to low usage!!! Vundo causes popups to WinAntiVirus and other random sites. By the way, NOD32, adaware, and spybot couldn't detect Vundo. See also: Link
    User This System process runs separately from System Idle Process, and it's definately causing me problems. Please tell me a solution.
    J System and System Idle are two different things. System was taking a lot of cpu time for me, it was my pda-phone that had gotten stuck in activesync, stopped as soon as I disconnected it.
    bulla "system" is a windows-idling-service; if you change energy-options to e.g. laptop, it uses some cpu-power (20%); if you change it to e.g. "desktop" it frees cpu-time, try it
    Mark "System Idle" counts up the spare CPU time (Not used by the CPU). But, "System" is a wrapper for the Windows Kernel. When it's running at a high percentage, it means that the kernel is trying to do a simple task. Typically, this is something like checking a removed network drive, or faulty USB port/device or maybe a faulty motherboard component. It will make your PC crawl to a halt until you remove the drive/device. Remove all USB/Network devices and all mapped network drives.
    Tim It is NOT "System Idle Process", simply SYSTEM, and it is eating up lots of CPU time... many people are complaining about this process, and everybody simply thinks it is System Idle Process when it isn't. Does anybody have actual information on the process "System", NOT "System Idle Process"?
    Aaron I had this problem with the 'System' (not 'System Idle Processes') taking all un-used CPU resources. Solved by un-plugging serial device that apparently has an issue.
    Gordon Reading through posts, some are confusing this with "System Idle Process" I had problems with the "System" process spiking to 30%-70% usage. After reading BOB's comment I removed my USB 12 in 1 memory card reader and the "System" process dropped like a rock to 0%-3% usage. Thank you!
    Tom After experiencing huge slowdown, I unplugged my iPod and external USB HDD. A warning popped up after I had turned the HDD off saying there was an error writing the Master file table ($mft), PC returned to normal speed, so I gather it took a lot of processing time to write the file table.
    Nick I am adressing this because I am having a problem (probally a worm) that is eating up 100% of my CPU, the problem usually shows the usage taken up by the spoolsv.exe, but when I kill this process, the usage shortly jumps to a different process like the explorer.exe, or the avgcc.exe, and so forth. I've tried several anti intrusion programs: Hitman Pro, Panda, Activescan, AVG, Spybot, Bitdefender, Spy Sweepre, PCcillin, ect.! I appreciate you clearing up the confusion about the system idle process, but can anyone shed some light on what might being killing my processor usage? Need HELP
    Don't Confuse "System Idle Process" with the "System" process - half the people here are talking about the System Idle Process - *not* the System process.
    Wolf For all those who seem to know all, it does use CPU cycles, am not sure why, but is a pain in the butt. (Running dual core folding and that 50% is tied up tight)
    It says System Idle Process, you can even get something from its name. Come on people don't be such idiots!
    Res This is the process "System" NOT "System Idle Process" I keep getting CPU spikes too that lock up the comp for about a half second every few seconds.
    Brian Check your USB! If you have stuff plugged into your USB port, this is what causes system to go up in CPU usage.
    Dave "System" v. "System Idle Process"
    dreadnik I had the same Problem. The system process (not system idle) used constantly 50% CPU time (on a server). A restart helped. Like ghost i also think that it has something to do with an usb device.
    Tam I think there is some confusion between "System Idle Process" and "System" -- it is "System" that has recently started taking over, and only a reboot will shut it down. It basically brings everything else to a standstill while it maxes out the CPU.
    fred The description seems to confuse "System" with "System Idle Process" and describes the behavior of "System Ilde Process" and *not* "System"
    enger i have a game file, and im trying to rename it, but it says its unable to remove or delete, and stuff like that, and its because of system, why would "system" be using my file and how can i make it stop, or if i can find a way to end it for a bit, will it skrew everything up?
    Jimmy I quarantined this file, and guess what, it showed right back up, and I couldn't unquarantine the file (because it already existed, again). Also this is the process, "system", not "system idle process," I think the information here is incorrect. My "system idle process" fluctuates wildly from 65% to 95%, while "system" takes up from 4%-25% I'll look into is some more later, but it really seems like a trojan.
    On my PC there is "System" process and "System Idle Process" (which is safe). Interesting, but I can't end the "System" process. No error, no message. Nothing.
    lkt It's a system process. Note that it's not "System Idle Time", it's "System". Although since I changed my RAM DIMMs I've been getting spikes much like other people here that go up to 100% processor use, while it usually stays around 8%, probably another random M$ucks bug
    Craig The "System" process (under the Image Name column on the Processes tab in Task Manger) -- not "System Idle Process" -- starts to eat CPU usage up to 100% steady for hours upon end and lags the system big time. I'm on a VPS and rebooting does nothing so I think I will try asking if they have may have a faulty USB device as mentioned above ... If they don't brush me off and find something I'll post an update
    E. Marques 1st: People don't comment what you don't know! You're just making other people more confused! 2nd: Most of the system's kernel mode threads are run as sistem process (attention! it's not system.exe) 3rd: The System Idle Process (it's a different thing from the System Process) it's a one only thread per processor, used to measure the cpu when not processing other threads, that is to say it measures the amount of free cpu (here, the more the better). See also: Link
    Tech Support System is not the same as System Idle Process. If you open Windows Task Manager, and see that System is at 99 under the CPU column, then it is using 99% of the CPU. Dont't believe me? then click on the Performance tab, you wil see CPU Usage and CPU Usage History spiked at 100%.
    ShambleS System idle process is 1 thing. System. can be a number (in windows xp) system, usualy should take up around 2% of your resources at idle.. which would leave "System IDLE process" at 98% System located in the correct directory, is safe and needed for xp to run. Othere applicatons can name them selfs "system" and be located in diferent folder.. if you find that a file is named "System" and located on yor pc els where, amake sure it is not attached to any legitemate programs before you delete it.
    Steffen Please See Microsoft Articals on Processes, this is not a dangerous Process but a good one... shows amount of free CPU -- System Idle Process - You cannot end this process from Task Manager. • This process is a single thread running on each processor, which has the sole task of accounting for processor time when the system isn't processing other threads. In Task Manager, expect this process to account for the majority of processor time. See also: Link
    bob Soomeone has to find a way to get rid of this thing. It lights up my firewall like a christmas tree. this is not the 'System Idle Process', this is simply titled 'system', and it doesn't peg at a high CPU% for me, but it keeps trying to send and recieve information to an IP reserved by the IANA (Internet Assigned Nubers Authority)
    webwolf It is a host process that keeps core networking and driver services running, if the "system" process is running at 100% it may indicate a driver or hardware problem - safe mode with all un-needed hardware removed will give you a clue as to the issue
    rescuenow The SYSTEM process and SYSTEM IDEL PROCESS are too completely different things! On XP, SYSTEM should never be at 100%; if it is running at 100% a faulty driver must be the problem. If it is system.EXE, then it is malware/spyware.
    NOTSYSTEM This is the "system" process not the "System Idle" process. I currently have it at 100% and I suspect I have a dud driver or some faulty hardware. Definitely is no

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    Re: Task Manager shows Running but actually the program is not running

    Task manager shows all your process which either your system process or the application you are running.
    -APPLICATION process are shown only when you are running them manually and this process will be end when you terminate the program.
    -this process will automatically end when you are closing the program in normal case .
    - sometime process will not end and when you again click on that application it will show error "application is already running" it that case you
    have to end the process manually.

    -SYSTEM process are the windows internal process and threads which are running in background and providing you services like input output, networking etc.
    ending such process may lead to windows shutdown or crash or may stop your some services.

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    Re: Task Manager shows Running but actually the program is not running

    Task-manager shows all the processes which are being run by your operating system and applications that you have opened.
    In users section you will see all tasks which are used by you.
    In all processes you will find processes used by your operating system.
    These are required by your operating system to function properly.

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