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    Is there any Facebook Metro App for Windows 8 Preview Version?

    Hi, i have been using Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version in my ACER Laptop. I want to know that is there any App for Facebook available in Metro App store for Windows 8. Because, Android have Facebook Apps. In the same, i wanted to use Facebook App for Windows 8 System. Can anyone help me with some good solutions?

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    Re: Is there any Facebook Metro App for Windows 8 Preview Version?

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    dear friend,

    Sorry to say that Facebook metro app is not available in the windows store at present.

    But alternatively you can try third party software to get this feature in windows 8.

    You can download & install Flip Toast from windows store (For free of cost) & can access Facebook via this app.

    Follow these steps to download/install Flip Toast & use Facebook via this app-

    Go to the Start screen.

    Open Charm bar by pressing Windows key+C together.

    Select Windows Store from the list & search for Flip Toast.

    Download & install it.

    Go to the Home screen of the app.

    Click on + option to expand.

    Go to Add an account option under Accounts.

    Follow the instructions further to add Facebook account to Flip Toast app.

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