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    "There was an error while opening Windows Firewall." on Windows 7 System.

    Whenever I attempt to open the Firewall on my machine, am getting a square window with the message "There was an error while opening Windows Firewall." I just double clicked on the Windows Firewall in Control Panel and got a window with this message. What can be done now and why it is blocked to open?

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    Re: "There was an error while opening Windows Firewall." on Windows 7 System.

    Hi dear friend.............to resolve this issue......follow the below instructions

    First of all press windows key+r and type Services.msc in the run box
    now press ENTER Key from the keyboard...... and find windows Firewall from the list and right click on it
    and then choose the properties....option.....and set the Starting type as AUTOMATIC
    then tap on LOG ON tab......and select This account option
    click Browse button and search for Local Service user and click the Advanced button
    Click the Find Now button and choose Local Service listed below
    and finally click on Apply , Ok buttons
    after that close all the Windows ......and restart the PC.....and try again........and if still the problem persists......simply do the below
    go to start menu and type command prompt and right click on it and choose RUN AS ADMIN and click YES

    now type the below commands and press ENTER key of each command

    netsh advfirewall reset
    net start mpsdrv
    net start bfe
    net start mpssvc
    regsvr32 firewallapi.dll

    and after that your problem will be resolved....

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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