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    Time and Date get stuck intermittently on Windows 8

    Since installing Windows 8 into my laptop, time and date are not updating by itself. They remain frozen after a while. I need to change it manually all the time. Is there any solution available for this problem?

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    Re: Time and Date get stuck intermittently on Windows 8

    First of all, press the Windows key+R from the keyboard and type services.msc into the ‘Open’ field. Double click on ‘Windows time’ afterwards and check whether the service status has stopped. If so, make a single click on the ‘Start’ button and then press the ‘OK’ button. In case the Windows time service is already running, then check whether date and time zone are entered correctly. Restart the Windows time service for that and click the time and date display located at the bottom right part of the desktop. Press the ‘Internet’ tab afterwards and make a single click on ‘Change settings’ button. You can then set up the date and time zone accordingly. Click the ‘Update Now’ button to update the settings and press the ‘OK’ button for saving the changes.

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    Re: Time and Date get stuck intermittently on Windows 8


    In case of time and date stuck in some position,

    First check the settings by rightclicking on the time/date at the extreme right corner of the taskbar, change/adjust time/date and select proper Time Zone from there.

    Do you have a proper power source attached? means how about the tablet battery set on the motherboard, is it operational?

    Open the cabinet, unmount the battery ( Caution, your settings will be initialized and board can be damaged without proper handling) mount it again and watch for the result.
    It will suggest you wheather you need a new battery or solve the issue.


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